The ultimate video tutorial for fans of the singer’s dramatic look.

By Sarah Yang
Updated April 11, 2016
Credit: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Almost as famous as Adele’s amazing voice is her signature and sultry cat-eye. If you’re a big fan of the singer (who isn’t?), you can now attempt to get her look with help from Michael Ashton, her makeup artist. In a video tutorial for makeup artist and YouTube star Lisa Eldridge, Ashton recreated the singer’s beauty routine. Though it’s not exactly a quick process—the whole video is about 22 minutes long—he breaks down the routine step-by-step and gives extra tips to help viewers nail the perfect cat-eye.

Here are three helpful takeaways from the video, which you can watch and learn from below.

  1. Apply Liner to the Back Of Your Hand First
    Ashton uses gel liner for this look. “I personally like to apply the gel liner to the back of my hand first, it helps to dry it out a bit so that it’s a little more workable,” he explains in the video. Use an eyeliner brush to apply the gel, working your way from the middle to the outer corner and gradually adding thickness.
  2. Vary Pressure to Get the Perfect Winged Look
    To perfect the winged, wispy end, “Start right at the root of the lashes, using a little bit more pressure on the brush so that we get a thicker line,” Ashton says. “As I drag it outwards and upwards at a 45-degree angle towards her temple, take a little bit of that pressure off so that you get a thinner, softer flick.” Then you’ll want to sharpen the winged tip with eyeliner and clean up any mistakes with cotton tips and micellar water. To complete the look, he recommends going over the line with a liquid eyeliner, which creates a dramatic, “patent leather” shine.
  3. Use Black Lash Glue
    The look wouldn’t be complete without some lush (false) eyelashes. “My favorite lash glue is the Black Duo Glue,” says Ashton. “I always use this because I find that it dries matte, and also because it’s black, it really helps to blend the false lashes in the natural lash line.” Make sure you place the faux lashes right at the root of your real lashes and press down at the base with a cotton top. Before it dries, use your finger to lift the lashes up and out.