Need a birthday present for a girl? Here’s one she’ll love—and use for years.

By Betsy Goldberg
Updated May 17, 2017

When it comes to party favors and presents, I’m a big fan of personalization. There’s just something a little more special about getting an item with your name on it. For some reason, it feels like extra thought and effort was put into picking it out.

But not all personalized products are equal. A lot of them are pretty cheesy, so I’m always on the hunt for cute ones that are actually useful gifts too. One day I was remembering those old-school Caboodles we used to keep all our makeup in when my sisters and I were kids, so on a whim, I did a quick Etsy search to see if I could find some there. Not only were there Caboodles, but these cosmetics cases were also decorated with names in brightly colored bubble letters and fun, trendy designs (unicorns, peace signs, soccer balls, emojis). I bought one for my 10-year-old, and another for her cousin who was having a birthday party the following weekend. They arrived beautifully wrapped with ribbon, and both girls shrieked when they saw them. The Caboodle costs more than I usually spend on kid’s gifts, so it’s not part of my usual arsenal—but when I need a special, make-a-statement kind of gift for a girl, it’s always my go-to.

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The best part about this Caboodle is that, in a way, it’s a gift for the parents too: Because it’s so roomy, contains fun little compartments, and even has a flip-up mirror, it motivates kids to corral all their lip glosses, nail polishes, or other little odds and ends inside—instead of cluttering up their bathroom counter or bedroom floor.

To buy: Personalized Caboodle, $35,