Is there anyone cuter than Drew? Nope. The down-to-earth, does-it-all girl boss swung by to give me a sneak peek at her new makeup. Of course, I couldn’t let her leave without asking her advice on concealer, #commuterbeauty, her coat (she designed it!), and the power of cosmetics.

By Heather Muir Maffei
Updated March 27, 2019
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These days, most celebrities are affiliated with a beauty company, which makes for some great Instagram content for me. But what sets Drew Barrymore apart is that seven years after launching her makeup line—Flower, available at Walmart and Ulta—Drew Barrymore still makes her rounds (with her pink Caboodles case) to hand deliver her latest beauty products to editors.

In the celebrity beauty world, this is unheard of. Sure, most come to the launch party, but years into the brand’s life, they are rarely (okay, never) at our desks. But Drew is, and she knows every last detail about the makeup she puts her name on. She travels to Seoul, South Korea to scope the latest beauty innovations and can even name all the different labs she works with to create her formulas. She goes above and beyond when it comes to testing on different skin tones, eye colors, hair colors, and ages to ensure you’re never disappointed when you apply one of her products at home after loving it in the tube at the store.

The mom of two is so relatable (she came to our meeting with bare fingernails and toes—how refreshing?) yet so major I hung on every word she said, especially when it came to how she feels makeup is so much more than just makeup (words that, being a beauty editor, I live for). “Makeup is something that probably seems like a trivial subject, and yet, it’s what every woman puts on as their armor, and that in itself makes it extremely important and valuable to the way a women feels and carries herself in this world, and that is never trivial.” Preach, Drew!

When it comes to her five-minute, busy mom makeup routine, she surprisingly grabs primer. “It helps makeup move better and thins out foundation; it sets the tone on your skin for the most dewy canvas to apply your foundation to,” explains Barrymore. Her favorite is the color-correcting version—In Your Prime Pore-Minimizing Primer ($10;

“I find a lipstick and concealer can take you wherever you need to go,” she said. In addition to her lips, she also applies lipstick onto the apples of her cheeks and even a little on her eyelids to complete her monochromatic look. Her favorite shade (the one she’s wearing in the video above) is Petal Pout Lip Color in Poppy Pout ($6;—a stunning orange red.