How to Make Clean, All-Natural Lip Gloss

Show your lips some TLC with this delicious DIY.

Looking for a clean lip gloss alternative or your next DIY project (or both)? Try whipping up a batch of all-natural lip gloss to tap into your creative side and take advantage of beauty benefits. "While it takes a little prep and effort upfront, clean lip glosses are the perfect way to add a healthy touch of glow, hydration, and pigment to your lips," says Liana Blomquist, green beauty expert and founder of Brooklyn Rooftop Botanicals, the first rooftop beauty farm in New York.

We asked Blomquist to help us break down tips for creating one of her go-to formulas for major moisture. Follow the step-by-step guide, and spread the love by whipping up a few extras for friends and family (they make great gifts!).

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

  • Metal mixing spoons
  • Bowl
  • Castor oil
  • Vegetable glycerin ($8;
  • Vitamin E oil ($10;

Optional (for pigment and fragrance):

  • Mica powder ($8;
  • Essential oil of your choice

Step 2: Create Your Base

Once you've sourced your ingredients, you can start compiling your formula foundation. "Weigh out 4 grams of castor oil into a metal bowl, adding in 4.5 grams of your glycerin," says Blomquist.

Step 3: Top It Off

With your base in place, Blomquist says it's on to the enhancements. "Add 1.5 grams of vitamin E oil, which isn't a preservative but helps keep your ingredients from oxidizing." This is also where you'll want to account for your optional pigment (up to 10 drops, depending on desired intensity) and essential oil (1-2 drops, avoiding citrus as it can be photosensitizing to skin). Use a metal spoon to mix your formula well to an even consistency.

Step 4: Pucker Up

Lastly, with your formula transferred to an ideally earth-friendly and reusable package of your choice, you can feel free to start applying as needed. "This formula is anhydrous so it doesn't require a preservative, but I advise using it up within two months," she advises. "The gloss could also separate a bit after a while, so make sure you mix it up prior to use!"

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