CVS is removing three controversial chemicals from 600 of its beauty products—here’s why.

By Real Simple
Updated April 24, 2017

Living a healthy lifestyle (you know: get more sleep, drink more water, exercise more, stress less, etc.) sounds amazing in theory—but it isn’t always easy to achieve. The good news: popular drugstore chain CVS is stepping up its game to help customers make healthier choices, especially when it comes to buying beauty and health food products. As consumers continue to prioritize wellness, the drugstore is following the trend by promising to create a better shopping experience, all in the name of health and wellness.

The movement began back in 2015 when the company removed tobacco products from its shelves. In this next phase, the chain is expanding cleaner food options as well as a cleaner beauty section. The store just announced that—drumroll, please—it will be removing three of the most controversial chemicals—parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde donors—from its 600 or so in-house beauty products (FYI: this doesn’t apply to other beauty products not under the CVS parent umbrella).

Of course something this major can’t happen overnight, but beginning in 2019, you’ll no longer find these three potentially harmful ingredients in any of CVS’ in-house beauty brands, including Essence of Beauty, Beauty360, and Blade. Now those who simply want to pick up a shampoo or restock a face moisturizer don’t have to stress over the ingredient lists. As the clean beauty movement continues to gain traction and consumers are paying closer attention to what they’re putting on their bodies (as well as inside of them), it’s exciting that big name companies are making big moves. We love CVS for its accessibility (there are around 10,000 stores in the U.S. alone), affordability, and soon to come, its cleaner beauty selection.