They’re out of this world. 

By Real Simple
Updated December 02, 2016
Christina Zalec/Instagram

As a brand that covers everything from beauty and fashion to food, we often see trends span from one category to the other. Take activated charcoal, for instance, which began in face masks and shampoos and made its way into ice cream and lemonade. The latest trend to take over all of our editors' social feeds? Galaxy designs, which have been popping up on everything from Easter eggs to doughnuts—and, most recently, it has officially entered the beauty world. That’s right—the latest manicure craze is nails adorned with constellations, ranging in color from purple to blue to gray. Some designs even feature the moon or a crescent moon as well, and most have a sparkly element to resemble the starry night sky. This isn’t just a national trend, either—it’s growing in popularity worldwide.

The designs are fairly intricate, with tiny detailed constellations, which makes the trend all the more impressive. See below for all of the crazy masterpieces, and then give our marble mani a try at home.