The Charlotte Tilbury palette hasn’t even been released yet.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated September 21, 2017

There’s always a ton of hype around a new beauty product. You’ll wait months, if not years for a new item to hit stores. But with the highly anticipated Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette, you’re getting a chance to snag it for just 24-hours before it officially hits shelves in mid-October. Our hearts are already racing, so start shopping this unreal preview here.

Unlike a lot of eye palettes on the market, this stunning one features 12 shades that are all wearable for everyday—no outlandish purples or dark blues that will scare off people on the street. In other words, you’re getting your full money’s worth, and we are here for it.

To make your makeup routine even more seamless, the palette is divided into user friendly sections: Day Eye, Desk Eye, Date Eye, and Disco Eye so you know exactly which colors to use if you’re not sure what colors will work for certain occasions.

And if you’re not already sold, you can watch Charlotte Tilbury’s YouTube channel to see the palette in action. You’ll get instant eye inspo and peace of mind that you’ll know how to use your new palette. The palette retails for $75 and is going to be the most versatile beauty product you need in your makeup bag for every day—from the office to a night out.

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Time is running out: get yours now because the next time you’ll be able to get your hands on it is in mid-October.