Get the quick remedy for the two most common uh-oh scenarios.
How to Fix 8 Common Beauty Mistakes: Tweezing Your Eyebrows Too Close to a Mirror
Being up close and personal isn't necessarily the best thing when plucking your brows—at least not for the whole time. When you're laser-focused on every little hair, you don't keep track of the shape of your entire eyebrow, resulting in uneven or over-plucked brows. The fix: Find a large mirror near a window (for optimal natural light), then step back a few feet to survey your face, says Ramy Gafni, owner of RamySpa, in New York City. Your brows should be in proportion to your face shape and the placement and size of your features. Move closer to the mirror and start tweezing. Step back after every few hairs to check the symmetry of your brows.
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The mistake: The slant of your brows was perfect, but you plucked one row too many. Now you look both perpetually surprised and angry.
The fix: Shade the narrow area under your arches with pencil, then cover with powder to soften the harsh points and give the brows more body.

The mistake: You concentrated too much on the outer halves of your eyebrows. Now the inner brows look thick and bulky in comparison.
The fix: Tweeze the undersides of the bushy parts to even out the halves. If you have little hair to spare, fill in the thin outer halves with pencil, then dust with translucent powder for a natural look.