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By Anneke Knot
Updated August 27, 2018

Whether because of her gorgeous blonde locks or super sunny smile, Blake Lively's beauty secrets are highly coveted. As soon as we learn she uses a product, our credit cards are at the ready.

Lucky for us, in a recent interview with Refinery29, her makeup artist Kristofer Buckle revealed how he creates Blake's iconic look.

Just like her easy, breezy attitude, Blake's makeup routine seems pretty low-key.

"My formula for Blake's makeup is pretty simple," Buckle explains, "We both look at makeup as paint—it's all about the color and the texture—and she's not sensitive about what I put on her face. It could be $2 or $100."

In fact, the lipstick Buckle uses on Blake is only $18. "I use a lot of different eyeshadows on Blake. Same goes for her lips, but one of my go-tos is my Cashmere Slip Lipstick in the shade Bardot ($18, kristoferbuckle.com), which is a no-brainer because it's a pink she really likes."

Buckle also shares a bunch of tips on how he has toned down Blake's beauty look over the years.

"When Blake was new in the business, she was so excited about the exploration of makeup. She wanted all the bells and whistles—lashes, contour, an overdrawn lip—so we look back and laugh at those early 'Gossip Girl' posters because she looked very done. Now, her whole look is a lot softer—except, obviously if we're working on an event like the Met Gala."

Nowadays, Blake is not as interested in an ultra glam-a-zon look. Instead of overdoing certain features, Buckle chooses a much subtler approach for the A-lister.

"We've always worked to play up Blake's lashes. In the past, we've done that by piling on lots of black mascara. Now, we want to take the same approach to emphasize her eyes, but we do it by contrasting the lashes with an iridescent shadow because that's more modern."

"We will also use brown mascara as opposed to black, she just prefers a softer lash now. Those tiny, micro-adjustments keep the look current and evolving," he adds.