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6 Advanced Makeup Mirrors That Will Completely Change the Way You Do Makeup

Yes, it’s an essential item, OK?
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Here's something I learned the hard way: Your makeup can only look as good as the lighting you use while applying it. But unless your home was blessed with large windows and loads of natural light, getting the perfect makeup lighting isn't always an easy task. Sure, you could attempt to apply your makeup under the harsh fluorescent bulb of your bathroom, but that lighting doesn't always translate well into other environments (not to mention the issue of highly trafficked bathroom space). 

Enter makeup mirrors. And we're not just talking about your standard tabletop vanity—the latest options on the market are more technologically advanced than ever, with built-in cameras, ones that'll tell you the weather, custom light settings (such as "office" and "evening"), and even some that will give you skincare advice. Below, six makeup mirrors that will surely become the highlight of your morning routine (aside from maybe your coffee machine).

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best-makeup-mirrors-deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror

1 deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror


This mirror looks more like an iPad than a makeup mirror, and although you can't play Angry Birds on it, it fulfills all of its makeup mirror duties and more. The main appeal is its design, which features trifold panels that fold open so you get a good view of all your angles. Bonus features: It contains USB ports for charging, a base recess for holding small items, and a touchscreen LED light with brightness levels that can be adjusted accordingly. 

best-makeup-mirrors-Riki by Riki Skinny Mirror

2 Riki by Riki Skinny Mirror


Skinny but mighty, this LED vanity (with 5 dimming lights) and streaming device has a magnetic phone clip with custom Bluetooth so you can snap selfies (no filter needed) and follow along in makeup tutorials. And since it's flat and weighs just 1.5 pounds, it's perfect for travel—a necessity for hotels that don't offer makeup mirrors.

best-makeup-mirrors-Fancii Nala Vanity Mirror

3 Fancii Nala Vanity Mirror


This chic, no-frills option offers three dimmable light settings that simulate daytime, evening, and home lighting to ensure your foundation match looks perfect in all settings. Plus, it tilts and swivels 360 degrees—making it perfect for looking down and applying false eyelashes.

best-makeup-mirrors-HiMirror Slide Smart Face Mirror

4 HiMirror Slide Smart Face Mirror


This tricked-out mirror is like looking into the future. It lets you stream your favorite music, watch YouTube tutorials, check your social media, video chat with people while you're getting ready, and order beauty refills on Amazon as soon as you're out. It even analyzes your skin and tracks its progress over time so you know if your skincare products are working. 

best-makeup-mirrors-Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Trio Max

5 Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Trio Max


While it does cost a pretty penny, many customers say it's worth it. Why? First, let's talk about its magnification: It comes with three different views: 1x, 5x, and a mini 10x half-moon that really gets in there. But it's also the little things that make this mirror superior: You can run your finger along the rim of the mirror to make the lighting dimmer or brighter (it feels so satisfying), and it automatically lights up whenever you look into it—a feature I didn't know I needed until I had it.

best-makeup-mirrors-HiBella Glamirror

6 HiBella Glamirror


Have you ever heard the old hymn: I once was blind, but now I see? This mirror (another motion-sensored favorite) gave me a pretty similar experience—I mean, you can see every little pore in this thing. Its natural sunlight simulation system will let you notice what other makeup mirrors sometimes cannot, like if your eyeshadow isn't blended well, your demarcation line is peeking, or your lipstick is feathering where it shouldn't be.