Update your look with one of these trending fall nail colors.
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Raise your hand if you’ve walked into the nail salon only to spend approximately 45 minutes trying to decide which color to commit to for the next several weeks. Even staring into the abyss of your own collection can leave you feeling paralyzed. The pressure is real, friends, but if you go in with a game plan then it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. (We’re partially kidding, but we’re also kind of serious.) To help you narrow down your choices, we asked a handful of nail experts to weigh in on the most-wanted nail polish colors for fall.

Deborah Lippman Spill The Wine
Credit: Deborah Lippmann

1 Nail Color: Berry Wine

Is it really autumn without a bit of berry on your nails and red wine in your hands? We say no, and so does Deborah Lippman, celebrity manicurist and creative director of her eponymous nail polish line. “A beautiful berry shade never fails to make a bold statement on your nails and will complement the darker colors of your fall wardrobe. I tend to reach for all black as the weather gets chilly, so I crave a subtle pop of color,” she says.

To buy: Deborah Lippman Spill The Wine ($20; sephora.com).

CND Shellac First Love
Credit: CND

2 Nail Color: True Red

You can get away with a classic red year round, but it feels especially rich come fall. “The color definitely pops off the hand, but is subtle enough to blend with fall fashion’s most popular colors,” says Kristie Leader, vice president of marketing for PROSE nail boutiques. “I also love the versatility of this particular red with its cool undertone.”

To buy: CND Shellac First Love ($15.95; bebeautiful.com)

OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid
Credit: amazon.com

3 Nail Color: Amethyst

For a twist on traditional berry wine, try an amethyst hue with nods to earthy geodes. “OPI’s Good Girls Gone Plaid is a lighter version of the brand’s cult favorite, Lincoln Park After Dark. Instead of appearing almost black when applied, it has a slightly softer purple hue,” says Mazz Hanna, a celebrity manicurist to Selma Blair, Julia Roberts, Kaley Cuoco, and others.

To buy: OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid ($10.50; amazon.com)

Gabriel Cosmetics 1977
Credit: Gabriel Cosmetics

4 Nail Color: Teal

Keep your nails ultra-bold with a pop of teal this fall. “I just used this color on Rashida Jones for an advertising campaign and it’s one of my favorite looks for fall. It’s sassy as well as classy,” says Jackie Saulsbery, a celebrity and editorial manicurist. “I’m also planning to use it on the runways for New York Fashion Week this September. It’s super fashion focused, yet perfect for every day.”

To buy: Gabriel Cosmetics 1977 ($8.50; gabrielcosmeticsinc.com)

Deborah Lippman Been Around The World
Credit: sephora.com

5 Nail Color: Fawn

“This neutral color is young, fresh, and sophisticated and can be easily worn by anyone, anytime,” says Lippman. She says this taupe-y hue is also one of her go-to colors for the women she works with on the red carpet since it enhances their overall look without distracting from gowns (or awards!).

To buy: Deborah Lippman Been Around The World ($20; sephora.com)

Emilie Heathe Public
Credit: Emilie Heathe

6 Nail Color: Burnt Orange

“This nail polish color reminds me of fiery Indian summer sunsets and changing leaves,” says Hanna. “Plus, it’s the perfect transitional shade for fall because it can play in both the summer and fall seasons.” We think it’s bold enough to get you noticed, but still feels very appropriate for fall—whether you’re at work or at play.

To buy: Emilie Heathe Public ($29; emilieheathe.com)

Essie Jade to Measure
Credit: amazon.com

7 Nail Color: Metallic Emerald

While a true green is a great choice for summer months, one that has a bit more depth feels like a better choice for fall. “Metallic emerald is an excellent color to complement the black, lacy ‘romantic grunge’ look seen on the Fall 2019 runways,” says Hanna. “I like it because it feels luxe and cozy at the same time.”

To buy: Essie Jade to Measure ($9; amazon.com)

Deborah Lippman Rule Breaker
Credit: sephora.com

8 Nail Color: Sparkly Purple

Lippman says that a purple polish is particularly reminiscent of one of fall’s most beloved movies, Hocus Pocus, and that a touch of glitter adds an especially playful touch. “This color is really whimsical and unexpected,” she tells us. “It’s an elevated purple shade with sparkle for some pizzazz.”

To buy: Deborah Lippman Rule Breaker ($20; sephora.com)