12 Best Makeup Organizers That Will Seriously Declutter Your Makeup Collection

Our top pick is the Masirs Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer.

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Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer - Easily Organize Your Cosmetics

Before shopping for a makeup organizer, the first thing you should do is take stock of your collection, according to Heather Clausen and Julia Pinsky of The Pinsky Project, an organizing service based in Los Angeles. "We find that people tend to buy the organizers before they take time to review the inventory of the items they own," says Clausen. "This can lead to buying incorrect size containers or perhaps the wrong containers altogether."

You should also take your personal style into account. Your makeup organizer will likely sit on your dresser, vanity, or bathroom countertop, so it should be visually pleasing and match your home's aesthetic. There are makeup organizers for modern, glam, or traditional home decor styles, as well as picks best suited for lipstick lovers or eyeshadow palette collectors.

Our top choice is the Masirs Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer, which is made of a clear acrylic that allows you to see all your products from multiple angles. It also has 16 compartments, including drawers and slots that can accommodate lipsticks, palettes, creams, and more.

Below, the best makeup organizers to keep your makeup collection in perfect order.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Makeup Organizer: Masirs Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer - Easily Organize Your Cosmetics

Who it's for: People who want to keep a little bit of everything close at hand when getting ready—including jewelry.
Who it isn't for: People who have a lot of a certain category of makeup products, like lipstick or eyeshadow, they'd like to get organized.

Show off your prettiest products by corralling them into this incredibly functional display by Masirs. The storage unit's see-through material lets you view everything, so you'll never have to dig around to find what you need again. What's more, the organizer's 16 compartments are spacious, with each designed for specific makeup in mind.

The top of the organizer features dedicated compartments for brushes, lipsticks, and nail polishes. The bottom half of the organizer consists of four shelves, two of which are extra-long and ideal for storing bigger palettes, eye or lip liners, or even jewelry. The drawers are lined with protective padding to prevent your makeup from damaging the pristine acrylic. This organizer is a great option for someone who has a handful of go-to products they reach for on a daily basis.

Material: Plastic | Storage: 16 compartments | Size: 9.88 x 7.6 x 6.26 inches

Best Countertop Makeup Organizer: Elle Lacquer Makeup Organizer

Elle Lacquer Makeup Organizer

Who it's for: People who want a stylish countertop organizer that isn't glass or acrylic.
Who it isn't: People who have a lot of small items to organize, like lipsticks or eyeliners.

If you're looking for a stylish countertop makeup organizer to compliment your curated vanity or dresser, this pretty option from Pottery Barn Teen is it. This makeup organizer is made of wood and is finished with a glossy lacquer that makes the white paint shine. The Elle Lacquer Makeup Organizer features three rows of compartments with varying wall height, so taller products can stand up in the back rows, and shorter items are still easy to access in the front.

The bottom of the organizer also features a small drawer that's just big enough to fit extra lipstick, palettes, or any miscellaneous items you may have. The gold and acrylic handle on the drawer is the cherry on top of this beautifully designed organizing tool. The bottom even has a linen pad to help protect the countertop underneath the organizer. This is especially important if you are placing this organizer on a wood countertop because items with sharp corners can scratch delicate surfaces.

Material: Wood | Storage: Eight compartments and one drawer | Size: 12 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches

Best Makeup Drawer Organizer: The Everything Drawer Organizers

The Everything Drawer Organizers

Who it's for: People who want to create order out of a messy makeup drawer.
Who it isn't for: Anyone with lots of tall bottles or long makeup brushes they need to keep organized.

Those who have little to no counter space will appreciate this handy makeup drawer collection from The Container Store. Clausen and Pinsky always use these exact drawer organizers to tidy up their clients' makeup drawers. They prefer these individual components over pre-portioned options because "not everyone has the exact size of any product to fit into the designated spaces those solutions offer."

These drawer organizers come in eight different sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits comfortably inside your drawer. They can hold everything from lipsticks to eyeshadow pots as well as longer items like brushes and eyeliners. They're designed to fit together, so you can mix and match sizes to find the best configuration for your drawer. Each organizer has squared corners so there won't be any gaps between the compartments. Plus, they're equipped with silicone feet on the bottom to prevent any movement while opening and closing your drawer.

Material: Plastic | Storage: Single compartment (each sold separately) | Size: Measurements vary by organizer size

Best Small Makeup Organizer: Marie Kondo Serenity Countertop Glass Organizer

Marie Kondo Serenity Countertop Glass Organizer

Who it's for: People looking for a compact and convenient makeup organizer to tidy up a basics-only makeup collection.
Who it isn't for: People who need extra space for larger makeup items such as palettes or creams.

This unique makeup organizer from the internationally renowned organizing guru Marie Kondo is perfect for people who only use a few products regularly. We especially love its modern, geometric design, which we think would look great on bathroom counters or makeup vanities. Unlike other makeup organizers, the compartment for brushes sits in the center, creating a visually appealing focal point that draws the eye in. In that brush compartment, there are four separate openings, making it easy to separate your lip, eye, and powder brushes. It can even hold long eyeliners.

The base below the brush station features four separate compartments that have enough space to hold lipsticks, foundation, and more. Thanks to the turntable on the bottom, all you have to do is give this organizer a little spin and you can get to any product without reaching over your brushes. Because of its small size, this isn't a great option for people looking to display a large collection of makeup, but it's great if you're only planning to feature the basics you need for your daily routine.

Material: Glass | Storage: Eight compartments | Size: 9 x 9 x 4 inches

Best Large Makeup Organizer: Sorbus Makeup Transparent Storage Case

Sorbus Makeup Transparent Storage Case

Who it's for: People who want a makeup organizer that can be taken apart and configured into a number of different shapes.
Who it isn't for: People who aren't interested in having a large amount of products out on display.

Sorbus is one of the most popular brands in the makeup organizer market thanks to the brand's see-through, easy-to-clean plastic material and versatile designs. This Sorbus Makeup Transparent Storage case offers a whopping 28 compartments, including 12 drawers of varying sizes and 16 vertical slots. The vertical slots are perfect for housing lipstick and glosses, brushes, and nail polish. The eight small drawers can fit concealers and mascara, and the two extra-long drawers are great for big palettes or long eyeliners. There are also two square-sized drawers that will fit taller items like beauty sponges, powders, or creams.

Aside from plenty of space, another standout is that the entire organizer is modular. Each compartment, including the row of vertical slots and three sets of drawers, can be taken apart and arranged horizontally, or whatever configuration works best for you and your space. Also, unlike many acrylic organizers, this model comes in fun colors, including teal, pink, and purple.

Material: Plastic | Storage: 28 compartments | Size: 15.75 x 9.25 x 5.7 inches

Best Rotating Makeup Organizer: Ameitech Rotating Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer, 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Storage Display Case

Who it's for: Anyone who has unusually tall bottles that don't fit standard makeup organizers.
Who it isn't: Someone who prefers a more style-focused option for displaying their makeup.

Rotating storage organizers take convenience to an entirely new level, and this Ameitech Rotating Makeup Organizer is no different. This acrylic makeup organizer's see-through material and 360-rotating wheel enable you to get to the makeup you need quickly and easily. Another incredibly helpful feature, which isn't present in many makeup organizers, is the ability to customize the compartments. Each of the four shelves are removable and can be moved to allow for more or less vertical space between shelves.

On top of the organizer, you'll find 13 small compartments, 12 of which are grouped in the center and designed to hold lipsticks, with the biggest wide enough to hold brushes. The thirteenth compartment wraps around this lipstick island and is perfect for storing smaller, cylindrical items such as eye creams or powders. The one downside to this makeup organizer is that you have to assemble it out of the box.

Material: Plastic | Storage: 21 compartments | Size: 12.6 x and 8.7 inches

Best Makeup Organizer Box: Frenessa Professional Makeup Train Case

Frenessa Professional Makeup Train Case

Who it's for: People who don't want their makeup to be sitting out on the counter or on a vanity.
Who it isn't for: People who do their makeup in the same place every day.

This makeup organizer is great for people who are frequently on the go and like to take all their makeup with them, or someone who likes to store their makeup out of sight. The Frenessa Professional Makeup Train case features four trays that expand up and out from the center of the case, allowing you to be able to clearly see all the makeup you've stored. You can use a compartment to store longer beauty tools such as brushes or eyeliners, or slip in a divider so that your lip glosses and lipsticks can live in the same place, but have their own space. The bottom of the case is big enough to fit a handful of nail polishes, creams, and even small perfumes.

The exterior of the train case is made of a sturdy metal and comes with a lock and a padded handle for additional comfort. This makes it a great travel case for when you'll need your entire collection.

Material: Metal | Storage: Five compartments | Size: 9.84 x 7 x 9.25 inches

Best Makeup Organizerfor Small Spaces: Gissar Over-the-Door Storage Mirror

GISSAR Jewelry Mirror Armoire Wall Mount Over The Door

Who it's for: People whose makeup collection is big enough to where it wouldn't fit easily in a countertop makeup organizer or drawer storage organizers.
Who it isn't for: People who don't want their organizer to be a focal point of the room.

If you've lived in a small space, you know that storage can be few and far between. One of the best solutions to storage problems is to utilize space behind your doors or on your wall, rather than taking over drawer or counter space, especially if you have a particularly large collection.

The Grissar Over-the-Door Storage Mirror has six shelf compartments within the unit to keep a large collection neatly housed in one place. Two of those shelves come with additional features, including cups for your brushes and small trays that can hold square palettes or groups of nail polish or lipstick. The organizer also has a pull-down mirror with a small perch attached that gives you a place to put your makeup while you're applying it. The inside of the door has storage available for jewelry, while the outside of the door is equipped with a full-length mirror and accessory hooks.

This particular organizer can be hung over your door or mounted on the wall, depending on the space you have available.

Material: Wood and glass | Storage: Six compartments | Size: 47.2 x 14.6 x 3.9 inches

Most Stylish Makeup Organizer: Hersoo 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer

Hersoo 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer

Who it's for: People want an organizer that can double as a piece of home decor in their makeup stations.
Who it isn't for: People who want a built-in space for makeup brushes.

If you're someone who wants a makeup organizer that is both functional and stylish, you'll enjoy the Hersoo 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer. This makeup organizer is made of glass and is lined with a stunning gold filigree trimming. The addition of this glamorous makeup organizer will make the process of putting on your makeup feel all the more luxurious.

The organizer is equipped with four levels and ten total compartments. The piece is asymmetrical, so foundations or tall skincare bottles can fit just as well as lipsticks and nail polishes. One con of this makeup organizer is that there is no dedicated space for brushes or thinner, taller items like liners. To make sure these items stay upright in this organizer, you'll have to purchase a small cup.

Material: Glass | Compartments: Nine compartments | Size: 11.81 x 11.81 x 9.06 inches

Best Makeup Organizer for Lipstick: Tasybox Clear Lipstick Holder Organizer

Tasybox Clear Lipstick Holder Organizer

Who it's for: People who want to organize all of their lipsticks in individual slots for easy browsing.
Who it isn't for: People who need a makeup organizer with a greater variety of compartment types.

Lipstick lovers will get so much joy storing their lipstick collection in this fun Amazon find. This unique lipstick holder can be displayed a number of ways. The Tasybox Clear Lipstick Holder can be flipped and arranged however it fits best on your counter. Any way you decide to style it, this lipstick organizer makes for a striking countertop makeup storage. It's also small enough to where it can fit inside of drawers.

There are two sizes to choose from: a 16-slot and 28-slot, with the latter having a slightly higher price tag. This Tasybox product can also hold lip glosses, but they may not fit as snugly inside the squares as lipsticks, since lip glosses tend to be stored in smaller and longer tubes. Be sure to measure the width of most of your lipsticks or lip glosses before you purchase this item—each tube has an internal dimension of ​​0.98 x 0.98 inches.

Material: Plastic | Storage: 16 and 28 compartments | Size: 4.53 x 2.56 x 10.04 inches

Best Palette Makeup Organizer: iDesign Dakota Palette Organizer

iDesign Dakota Palette Organizer

Who it's for: People who want a chic palette organizer specifically designed for a countertop.
Who it isn't for: People who need a wider palette organizer to accommodate extra-large palettes.

If you are more of a palette person and need to add some order to your collection, check out this stylish palette organizer from Target. The iDesign Dakota Palette organizer is finished with a marble pattern—a welcome change to the many clear, acrylic palette organizers on the market.

There are five slots available for storage, with dividers high enough to keep your eyeshadow, lip, and blush palettes in place. Even if you have a larger collection of palettes, you can still use this organizer to keep your most-used palettes closest to you, instead of stuck in a drawer or bin with the rest. However, if you have bigger, rectangular palettes, know that this won't fit as perfectly as square ones. So if you don't like the look of your palettes handing off the sides, go with a wider palette organizer.

Material: Plastic | Storage: Five compartments | Size: 2.05 x 3.54 Inches x 6.1 inches

Best Makeup Brush Organizer: CAXXA Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder

CAXXA Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder

Who it's for: People who have a lot of tubes and brushes, rather than a lot of pots and palettes.
Who it isn't for: This organizer isn't part of a set, so it's not right for people who would want a separate palette organizer in the same style.

Makeup brushes are one of those beauty tools that require an extra level of organization if you own a number of them—you'll want your smaller brushes separated from the fluffier ones to keep them easy to find. That's why this super sleek makeup brush holder, which boasts three separate compartments, is so convenient. The three compartments vary in size, with the largest ideal for storing thicker brushes used for foundation, blush, and powder. The smaller compartments work best for the thinner brushes you use for your eyeshadows, eyeliners, concealers, lips, and more.

This makeup holder is also spacious enough to house other makeup such as mascaras, lip gloss, and eyeliner. As such, this is another great option for people who keep their routines very minimal or are okay mixing and matching organizers.

Material: Plastic | Storage: Three compartments | Size: 6.2 x 5.8 x 4.64 inches

Final Verdict

The Masirs Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer is our top choice overallfor its see-through and sturdy acrylic material that allows you to see and locate all of your products. It also has 16 compartment options, which feature dedicated spaces for lipsticks, palettes, nail polish, and more.

How to Shop for Makeup Organizers


There aren't too many style options for makeup organizers. A lot of makeup organizers are acrylic or glass, with some featuring decorative gold, silver, or black trim. Some acrylic options do come in select colors, such as pink or blue. There are some bamboo options, as well as painted wood, but those tend to come with a higher price tag and are more difficult to keep clean. For Clausen and Pinsky, their go-to is acrylic because it's "the easiest to wipe clean and you can easily see inside."

Storage type

The best way to choose which storage type will work best for you is by organizing your makeup collection before you buy any organizers. "With makeup, we recommend first taking everything out, sorting by category, and decluttering where possible," Clausen and Pinsky say. "Anything that is expired, spoiled, or no longer serves you is a good place to start. Once you have all the items you are keeping, then the fun begins!"

They also note that it's important to understand the available space you have to work with in your home. For example, if you have ample counter space, go with a horizontal option so you'll be able to see all your makeup laid out in front of you. If you'd like things to be slightly more tucked away, get a vertical storage option. Clear glass and acrylic plastic are the best materials for vertical makeup organizers because you'll be able to easily find what you need.

If dedicating space on your counter is a no-go, look for drawer organizers or a behind-the-door pick, which can keep your counters neat. In general, drawers are better for more streamlined collections, while behind-the-door picks are better if you have a lot to keep organized.

Questions You Might Ask

Where is the best place to put my makeup organizer?

Personal preference and your space dictate where your makeup organizer should go. It's best to keep your makeup organizer close to where you typically put your makeup on in your home or room. If you don't have a separate makeup vanity, a great place to store your makeup is on or in your dresser.

You should actually avoid putting your makeup organizer in your bathroom. Makeup lasts longest at room temperature in a dry environment. Your shower creates an environment where temperatures and humidity levels frequently fluctuate, which in turn alters the quality of your makeup. If exposed to this wet environment for a long time, your makeup will spoil more quickly. If your bathroom is the only place you can store your makeup, make sure you purchase a makeup organizer box, also called a train case, so it's more protected from moisture.

What's the best way to keep my makeup organizer clean?

Many makeup organizers are plastic or glass, so they're very easy to clean. But the type of cleaning tool you should use depends on the type of mess. "For the powder/makeup brush hairs/general sediment, we like to start by using compressed air cans to dust and get into the nooks and crannies," Pinsky and Clausen note. "For additional cleaning or any spills (foundation, liquid makeup, etc.) we recommend any general all-purpose cleaner sprayed onto a microfiber cloth or paper towel." Microfiber cloths also work well at wiping away fingerprints.

Take Our Word for It

This article was written by Rachel Center, lifelong aficionado of all things fashion and beauty and the product reviews home writer at Real Simple. She researched all the components that make a great makeup organizer, and ultimately selected products based on their storage options and style as well as customer reviews and ratings. We also spoke to Heather Clausen and Julia Pinsky of The Pinsky Project, an organizing service based in Los Angeles, for their insight on what makes for a good cosmetic organizer.

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