These winning bathroom declutterers (out of 25 tested) will streamline your getting-ready routine for good.

By Anneke Knot
Updated October 15, 2019
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Don’t want to sacrifice your beauty routine for the sake of packing light? This case lets you bring pretty much everything. Two mesh compartments house hair, skin, and makeup products, leaving a little extra room for a swimsuit or whatever else you’d like handy when you land. At home, keep it stocked with travel-size items and stash it under the sink so packing is a breeze. The elastic strap slides over your roller bag, letting you move through the airport with ease. (FYI: The case does count as a separate carry-on item.)

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Virgil Bastos


See-through side panels mean no more digging to find what you need. We also love the wipeable interior.

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Stick these clear plastic caddies inside cabinet doors to maximize space. They don’t leave residue.

To buy: $10 for 3;

Peter Ardito


With two heat-safe sections for tools and four compartments for products, this clears counter space stat.

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Peter Ardito


If you like to show off your prettiest potions, corral them in this acrylic display. You can add an extra row if needed.

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The rustproof shelves slide up, down, and sideways to fit your favorites. Plus, they drain water, so your bar soap stays nice.

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