Wasting those last drops adds up.

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We’ve all been there: You’re using your favorite cream or moisturizer as part of your daily or nightly routine when, without warning, there’s no more left. Or so you think—on closer examination, you see that there’s still a good bit of your go-to foundation at the bottom of the bottle, but the pump or dispenser isn’t reaching those distant corners.

You have a few options. You could flip the bottle over and let that liquid fall to the top of the bottle, where you could reach it by taking the lid off—but you also risk making a huge mess with that. You could use a cotton swab to try to reach the bottom of the bottle, but that’ll only work on smaller bottles; also, the cotton tip will absorb a lot of your precious skincare product. If your next best option is to toss the bottle and the last of the product, you’re throwing a lot of money in the trash, especially if you’re the type to seriously invest in your skincare products. If you don’t want to do any of those things, you probably need a beauty spatula.

A beauty spatula is a small, thin tool with a silicone tip designed to reach the far corners and bottoms of bottles, jars, and more. It promises to get every last drop of your product, and you can even apply it straight to your skin from the spatula, so you’re not wasting any of it. But do you really need a gadget this specific?

Like It or Leave It - beauty spatula review
Credit: amazon.com

To buy: Every Drop Beauty Spatula, $6; amazon.com.

On this week’s episode of Like It or Leave It, two Real Simple editors put a beauty spatula to the test to see if it’s a worthy (albeit small) investment. We tested the Every Drop Beauty Spatula ($6; amazon.com), though there are several comparable items on the market. Most are made with washable tips, and some are food safe, for getting every last morsel of food out of a bottle, can, or jar. They all serve the same purpose: Making sure you get every penny of product.

Does it work? You bet. The spatulas are straightforward and easy to use, and they work well as applicators, too. (Experienced skincare practitioners can even use them for blending.) Makeup artists can use them (washing them often) if they’re working on different clients, too. Beauty spatulas are certainly useful—but the bigger question is whether you should get one.

Yes, they’re small and super affordable; they’re not the type of gadget or tool that takes up a ton of storage space. But if you don’t have a hard time using up all of your skincare or makeup products (or if you don’t care that you do), it won’t be of much use. If you don’t invest a lot of money in these sorts of products (or all your favorites come in super easy-to-use containers), the beauty spatula isn’t necessary, and you’re probably not interested in adding to your makeup kit, anyway. If you do struggle with all of the above, though, the beauty spatula might solve many of your routine-related problems.

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