8 Mesmerizing Beauty Videos You Need to Watch—and the Products to Experience Them Yourself

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Anxiety levels are at an all-time high right now, and although there isn't a cure-all for the current climate, there are some outlets that can help. My personal favorite? Diving into the ASMR hashtag. In case you're not aware, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it's used to describe that tingly sensation that you get on your scalp, back of the neck, and upper spine. There's a whole genre online for videos designed to stimulate this reaction, from noisily slurping down noodles to scratching hard surfaces with long, nicely manicured nails.

Beauty ASMR is a subsection that has blown up recently, and it's not hard to see why. The gelatinous textures of skincare products, the perfect application of razor-sharp lipstick, and the oozing of blackheads as they're extracted from noses are all oddly satisfying experiences (and, fair warning, quite addicting to watch). Below are some of our favorites—complete with the beauty products you can shop to replicate the experience at home.

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Eyeshadow application

Food porn is great, but there's something about makeup porn that can't be trumped. This especially rings true with metallic, shimmery eyeshadows. If you want to play around with it yourself, the rule of thumb is the more pigmented the better. Try BH Cosmetics Diamond Dazzlers ($5; bhcosmetics.com), a loose foil pigment that delivers maximum impact with just one swipe. Apply it with Artis Elite Mirror Oval 7 Brush ($65; sephora.com), which features compact bristles and a nifty handle designed to mimic the way your fingers move across your face.

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Peel-off mask

Truth: the only thing better than using a jelly mask is taking off a jelly mask. Just feast your eyes upon this red, gummy substance being removed from this woman's face—bringing a whole lot of gunk and blackheads with it. Although it's a popular procedure at spas, you don't need an esthetician to indulge in the ultimate masking experience. Try Dr. Jart's Cryo Rubber Masks ($14; sephora.com), which come packed with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and allantoin to ensure maximum skincare benefits.

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The perfect brow

I could stare at eyebrow microblading videos all day. This video demonstrates the evolution of the perfect brow without the use of blades or numbing cream. Yep, that means you don't need to play hundreds out of pocket to achieve the microbladed look. In fact, the beauty market has recently seen an addition of microblading pens with forked tips to mimic the look of real hair. Try Maybelline New York TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen ($9; amazon.com), which has a multi-prong tip for natural, hair-like strokes.

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Glossy hair

Talk about #hairgoals—this unbelievably glossy mane has reached maximum shine levels. I can't stop rewatching the mesmerizing waterfall movement as the comb bounces against the hair. To achieve shinier hair at home, spritz on Aveda Brilliant Shine On Spray ($30; aveda.com) after you finish styling your hair. The fine mist provides a sheer layer of pure shine and helps eliminate pesky flyaways.

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Lipstick application

A perfect lip application isn't the easiest to pull off in one try, but it's the most satisfying when you do. If only lipsticks could stay sharp forever right? Well, they can! After applying lip liner, try Sigma Beauty's Infinity Point Lipstick ($25; neimanmarcus.com) to achieve that razor-accurate application. The pigment is formed into a teardrop shape that rises as you rotate the base. And thanks to the patented ridge on the back of the lipstick, unlike other lipsticks that spin as you twist, the lipstick simply rises straight up in the point shape, allowing it to stay sharp forever. Top it all of with an uber-shiny gloss.

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Soothing skincare

The textures in this video just get better and better. After the person behind the camera cuts the beauty stick into slices (which is a satisfactory ASMR video as is), they then proceed to mash and mix the formulas together to create a whipped skincare concoction. The new product they produce isn't shoppable unfortunately, but you can use Milk Makeup Cooling Water ($26; sephora.com) and Watermelon Brightening Serum ($36; sephora.com), along with your favorite facial oil to DIY it yourself.

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I'm not sure what it is about peeling off dead skin cells that is so dang satisfying, but it's definitely one of the most popular videos to watch. The process has even spawned an entire beauty treatment—dermaplaning, a cosmetic procedure that uses a blade to gently scrape away the top layers of your skin, leaving behind a baby-smooth complexion. At-home systems like Dermaflash ($199; sephora.com), while pricey, are a better option for dermaplaning beginners. Unlike manual motion, Dermaflash is powered by subtle sonic vibrations that amp up the efficacy of the treatment and help the device comfortably glide over the surface of the face.

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Jelly lip mask

The best part of a brand new lip balm is digging into it for the first time. This only happens once per tub, sadly, but you can replay this video as many times as you want. Try Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask ($28; sephora.com) for the delightfully bouncy texture. The soothing, non-sticky jelly lip mask is made from Japanese peach and olive-derived squalane to soften and plump your lips.

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