The funny (and sometimes gross) beauty habits of real women. 

By Hallie Gould
Updated September 25, 2015
Nigel Cox

This article originally appeared on MIMI.

We all have secret behavior—and usually it stays between us, the mirror, and maybe our snooping roommates. That is, until now. I crowd-sourced confessions from real women to find out all the funny (and sometimes gross) things we do, but rarely say out loud. Think of it as a big bonding session, ladies.

1. I practice smiling in front of the mirror. — Ella, 31, Texas

2. I have resorted to flossing with my hair before! — Mikaela, 26, New York

3. I use a brown sharpie to color my single gray strands between color appointments. — Carly, 38, North Carolina

4. I spray dry shampoo on my armpits. — Brenda, 30, Colorado

5. Hand sanitizer as deodorant. — Katie, 25, New York

6. I use ingrown hair pads as acne face cleaning pads. — Kathleen, 26, Ohio

7. I never wash my face. — Lisa, 24, New York

8. I never shower on Sundays. — Alyssa, 23, Nebraska

9. I meticulously clean out my ears every single day. Or else I go insane. — Robbie, 18, Massachusetts

10. I have 12 different face washes for every mood or ailment. And, yes, I use all of them. — Hallie, 25, New York

11. I exfoliate my armpits every day. — Lucia, 22, Pennsylvania 11

12. I don't shower as much as a normal human should. — Jude, 27, Florida

13. I stop shaving my legs in the winter because that sh*t keeps me warm. — Kathryn, 29, New York