There's no excuse for dirty brushes now. 

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated December 16, 2015
Pink Powder makeup brush
Many experts agree that once a month is fine. "Dip the brush in warm, soapy water—use shampoo or a mild bar soap. Rinse it, blot the brush with a clean towel, then use a blow-dryer to dry the bristles gently," suggests Ellen Marmur, a dermatologist in New York City.
| Credit: Christopher Griffith

This article originally appeared on MIMI.

"You have to clean your makeup brushes regularly," they say. We've all heard it. Yet, sometimes it will be weeks between a serious suds session for my beauty instruments. And, I'm not proud of it.

Actually, my dirty and thus unusable brushes are a source of persistent anxiety for me. If they aren't clean, I can't use them and that limits me during my morning makeup routine, which quite honestly I look forward to everyday because DUH. But more than that, the thought of them sitting, unusable, and probably quickly becoming a breeding ground for breakout-causing bacteria, drives me up the wall.

As a creature of routine and habit, you would think that I would have a strict method to dealing with this issue, which I would roll out like clockwork once a week. Wrong. Well, until recently that is.

Friends, no longer do I have to deal with the swirling anxiety of yet another task left by the wayside, preventing me from doing what I love. Okay, that's a lot of drama, but bear with me.

Firstly, both Eco Tools and Real Techniques have two game changing brush cleansers that smell divine and do the trick really effectively. But the real gem that changed my life is the Real Techniques Brush cleansing palette. It is a little piece of rubber perfection.

Essentially, you hold it as you would a regular painting palette, and instead of paint, you put shampoo on the different sized nodes. Then you simply dampen your brushes, swirl them around on the palette, and then rinse. It's that simple.

I've found that making this an indulgent routine makes it feel like less of a chore. So, when my brushes are due for a deep cleanse, I pop on some 30Rock or whichever TV show I'm currently binging, and set in on my task. Oh, and I'm probably wearing a face mask of some sort, and a hair mask too, because I'm a busy girl and efficiency gives me a thrill. #Multimasking

And, EcoTools has made it super easy to quickly spot clean my brushes for days when I'm in a pinch… enter makeup brush cleansing cloths . Like those wonderful wipes that you use for your face, you can use these for a quick cleaning session, so you can stretch the time between your deep shampooing.

As for me, not having dirty makeup brushes hanging over my head has truly made an impact on my life. One less thing to dread. And my cleansing routine has become something I look forward to, almost as much as I look forward to my nightly cleansing routine. Try it out and see for yourself—it will give you a renewed sense of accomplishment… and clean makeup brushes.

The ecotools Makeup brush Cleansing Cloths ($7; and Makeup Brush Shampoo ($8; will be available on January 1. The Real Techniques Cleansing Palette ( $15; will also be available starting January 1. Real Techniques Gel Brush Cleanser is currently available at Ulta ($9;