Essential Summer Beauty Checklist

In hot weather, you can ease up on some of your beauty routine―but not these steps.

  1. Check Smoothing rough soles.

    Not only are calluses unsightly when they peek out from summer sandals but they can also crack and become painful. Slough off dry skin with a pumice stone for a minute at the end of every shower.

  2. Check Lining your lips.

    Steamy heat tends to melt lipstick, causing it to smear and run. Spend 30 seconds applying lip liner first to keep color in place.

  3. Check Washing your face at night.

    Because your makeup is lighter in the summer, it’s tempting to hit the sack without washing. But even light makeup, when coupled with nighttime sweat, can cause breakouts. Before you turn in, take two minutes to wash or use a premoistened face wipe.

  4. Check Using topical antioxidants.

    In the summer, you should be “particularly diligent about using a cream or a serum with antioxidant ingredients, like vitamins C and E, to combat sun damage,” says Lisa Donofrio, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Yale University School of Medicine, in New Haven. Apply each evening.

  5. Check Applying a hair mask.

    A rich conditioning mask, left on for 20 minutes once a week, rehydrates hair that has been dried out by sun and chlorine.