Do your eyebrows seem to have wills of their own? One expert shares her foolproof method to creating perfect arches.

By Liesa Goins

The key to getting a good shape? Being precise and light-handed, says Sania Vucetaj, owner of Sania’s Brow Bar, in New York City. She prefers the gentle precision of tweezing over the excavation that is waxing. Here, her foolproof method.

What You Need

  • Makeup brush, tweezers, brow pencil, scissors

Follow These Steps

  1. Shape the inner edges.
    To determine where your brow should begin, hold a makeup brush vertically against the bridge of your nose, says Vucetaj. Pluck any hairs that fall outside this line and close to your nose. “Grip tweezers near their points for the best control and yank hairs swiftly in the direction of growth,” she advises. This prevents them from breaking, which leads to ingrown hairs. Work cautiously: “Women often overtweeze between brows. But full inner edges keep brows balanced and natural looking.”
  2. Create an arch.
    “The highest point of your arch should line up with the outside edge of your iris,” says Vucetaj. Put a dot of brow pencil slightly above your brow at this point. Next, color over your brows with the pencil to create your ideal shape, starting near the nose, working up to the dot, and moving down toward the temple. The shape should look like a sloped arc. Tweeze any hairs below the penciled-in area of the brow. Pluck above the brow only if you see an obvious hair; taking off too much from the top “flattens brows and makes you look tired.”
  3. Even out and refine.
    Step back from the mirror: Are your brows even? Is one a little fuller than the other? Fix discrepancies by plucking a single hair, then stepping back again to see the full picture. Often, removing one hair makes a visible difference. Next, tend to any extra-long pieces. “Brush brows upward, toward your forehead,” Vucetaj says, “and snip off the tips of hairs that extend beyond your shape.” Finally, examine where your brows end (near your temples). Imagine another diagonal line that extends from your nostril past the outer corner of your eye. Where your brow intersects this line is where it should end. Tweeze away any hairs outside this area. “You usually don’t need to remove much,” notes Vucetaj.

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