According to Reddit users, Lush Sleepy Lotion eases their anxiety so they can fall asleep faster. And it now comes in a super-sized version. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated July 13, 2018
Lush Sleepy Lotion Giant Tub
Credit: Lush

Whether it's that big project at work, current events in the news, or that crime drama on Netflix that has your mind racing at night, we likely all experience times when falling asleep feels like a struggle. You know the feeling—as the clock ticks later and later, your anxiety builds higher and higher, ruining any chances of catching some shut eye. But research has shown that one key way to sleep better (whether it's just one night or persistent insomnia) is to establish a bedtime routine. And a bedtime routine that involves a soothing lavender-scented lotion and a relaxing hand or foot rub? Now that's a bedtime routine we can get behind.

According to fans on and Reddit, reviewers claim that Lush Sleepy lotion (from $10, is the ultimate cure for sleeping troubles. The creamy lotion has a lavender scent, which is no surprise, considering that lavender essential oil is known for its calming, de-stressing abilities. According to the reviewers, the relaxing scent helps calm them down so they can shut out unwanted thoughts and worries while falling asleep. While some reviewers say it's the scent, others claim that simply establishing a bedtime routine helps. Rather than scroll through news headlines or Instagram before bed (hey, we all know to avoid the blue light from the screen before bed, anyway), massaging on this lotion is a soothing pre-bedtime routine.

Placebo effect or not, reviewers say they feel like it helps. "Maybe it's real, maybe it's in my head—but I totally feel like I drift off to sleep more quickly while wearing it," one Lush shopper writes in a review on And on Reddit, one reviewer swears by Lush Sleepy: "Tbh sleepy is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It's not a miracle, but it helps a lot ... Sleepy calms me down, making it easier to shut my brain out and helping me fall asleep."

And now Lush has good news for these diehard Sleepy fans: the lotion now comes in a giant 14.9-ounce tub for $33, so they can stock up on this sleep-inducing miracle cream. Once only a limited-edition scent, now Sleepy can be part of your nightly routine for months to come. Adding this lotion to your nighttime routine could help you fall asleep faster. And even if it doesn't? Hey, at least your skin will be remarkably moisturized.