The best shampoo may not even come in a bottle.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated June 12, 2018
Lush Cosmetics' New Shampoo Bars
Credit: Lush Cosmetics

In case you haven't noticed, Lush Cosmetics, aka the maker of the (probably) world-renowned bath bombs, has been giving the best shampoos on the market some competition.

The beauty brand took a new approach to conventional shampoo when it created its Shampoo Bars, which look more like tasty macaroons than haircare products. Recently, the little guys have been gaining a lot of attention as people continue to realize they pack way more of a punch than their dainty looks would suggest. According to a spokesperson for the company, each of Lush's Shampoo Bars can be used for 80 washes and last for an entire trip around the globe.

Because of the innovate structure and "naked" packaging, Lush Shampoo Bars' value to the world extends beyond your shower. Plastic debris accounts for over 65 to 95 percent of marine pollution, making the bottle-less product a safer bet for our environment.

In a video that has since garnered 35 million views on Facebook, ATTN: highlighted how the shampoo bars stack up against their plastic counterparts for your hair and for the environment.

After the video was posted on Saturday, 12,000 Shampoo Bars were bought in a 48-hour period, according to Lush. While impressive, this isn't necessarily a jaw-dropping stat. In 2017 alone, Lush sold 1.1 million Shampoo Bars in North America, which the company equates to preventing almost 3 million plastic bottles from potentially polluting our waterways.

It is refreshing to consider, though, that the spike in sales happened after ATTN: laid out a step we consumers can take to prevent our cosmetics use from leaving such a destructive footprint.

If you want not just a big but an environmentally-conscious bang for your buck, the shampoo comes in 12 blends and ranges in price from $11 to $15 on