Kristen Bell is the belle of social media with this supportive post.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated May 10, 2018
Kristen Bell Laughing at a Press Conference for "The Good Place"
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Kristen Bell is one of those celebs I pretend is relatable, despite that she's gorgeous, hilarious, and the only person who could convince the world sloths are cute. I pretend we'd be friends as I watch seasons 1 and 2 of "The Good Place" on loop and stalk her social media accounts.

The actress' Instagram is particularly refreshing for an A-lister's account, shying away from glam shots and steering toward glimpses into the star's everyday life, like her marriage to Dax Shepard, her activities with other famous friends, and her supported causes.

Today, the 37-year-old shared a photo of a Jenni Kayne clothing ad she spotted on a billboard in NYC, which stood out to her because it featured lingerie designer Tylynn Nguyen breastfeeding her newborn. Bell captioned her post, "Awesome billboards around NYC showing the beautiful Tylynn Nguyen breastfeeding her newborn son- making the realities of motherhood a fashion statement."

With the campaign's hashtag #FindYourUniform, the clothing brand also shared a photo of the same image, explaining:

"Our mission with this campaign is to share the realities of womanhood and to highlight the hard working women and mothers around us. The women who inspire us are all ages...they are the entrepreneurs, creatives, executives, moms, students, and the list goes on. Now more than ever, it is such an important time to stand up for our shared experiences."

The brand's team tagged a bunch of other famous women who inspire them in the post and want more of us to join in, asking you to tag the women who inspired you in the comments.

If you're in NYC, head over to Tribeca neighborhood to glimpse this image and its awesome message. As for you, Kristen Bell: If you want to be my friend, I'm free every day for the rest of my life and happy to walk around Manhattan snapping pics of things we both believe in.