Say good-bye to messy glue and drying time, these magnetic lashes will completely change your beauty game. 

By Belle Bakst
October 04, 2019

Lashes are the frosting on top when it comes to makeup, making you feel put together even when you’re not wearing anything else on your face. Even before the whole frenzy about lash extensions started, I’ve always admired long and voluminous lashes, but have always had zero luck applying falsies myself. Besides the sticky glue and long drying time, it's frustrating trying to keep a steady hand while having one eyelid closed and my hands blocking my view. So when I first heard about magnetic lashes, I couldn’t wait to try them on.

The day I discovered KISS Magnetic Strip Lashes, which look just like regular strip false lashes at first sight, I had to immediately get a pair. The packaging is similar to a double set pack, with the difference being that these come with a “top” and “bottom” set.

Application couldn’t be simpler. For each eye, you place the top part of the set on your lash line and use the bottom to sandwich your natural eyelashes together. The top portion is noticeably fuller than the bottom, giving them a more dramatic yet organic look, so you won’t confuse them. Once the two layers are close enough to each other, they make the tiniest audible click, signaling they are now secure for you to wear all day until you decide to remove them. Removal is as easy as a slight pull, no cleanup required.

Magnetic lashes completely upped my makeup game. In addition to surviving all my rolled-down-window, hair-flipping cab rides and avoiding having a latex allergy (remember, no glue needed), this reusable set barely made a dent in my bank account.

Try them out for yourself!


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