This $15 Gentle Cleansing Balm Works in Seconds, Even on My Waterproof Makeup

It’s the perfect formula for those dry, colder months.

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As a shopping writer, I get to test my fair share of beauty and skincare products to find the best. I go from everyday bare minimal looks to full-on glam and everything in between for the sake of beauty reporting, so my cleansing ritual needs to be gentle and efficacious. I previously depended on disposable makeup remover wipes to cleanse my face quickly, but I wanted to try a more eco-friendly makeup removal solution.

I have acne-prone, oily combination skin, which means my T-zone is oily, while the lower half of my face is very dry (dare I say, even flaky). Oil-infused formulas may seem redundant and frowned upon for oily skin types, but the opposite is true. "Oil is attracted to oil so it can balance the skin and work as a moisturizer," explained esthetician Taylor Worden to Real Simple. Makeup is also removed more swiftly with oil-based products.

Like many other beauty products, I discovered Juno & Co.'s hero Clean 10 Cleansing Balm through a viral TikTok clip from user @glamzilla and received a sample to put it to the test.


To buy: $15; and

The Clean 10 Cleansing Balm is part of Juno & Co.'s Junoskin line, which features all kinds of skincare goodies for under $25. The plastic packaging is solid and fits perfectly with my other tried and trusted skincare items in my beauty cabinet. There's also a mini spatula included with the balm, so you don't have to dig your fingers into the jar and risk cross-contamination.

The cleansing balm is loaded with vitamin E-derived antioxidants that fight inflammation and nourish your skin, while the Japanese pearl barley moisturizes, brightens, and reduces the appearance of dark spots. The sweet, California tangerine citrus scent that's infused into the formula is refreshing without being overpowering, and it doesn't linger after rinsing.

Before I get in the shower, I use the Clean 10 Cleansing Balm to gently melt away my sunscreen and any impurities, regardless of whether I'm wearing makeup. The balm almost instantly dissolves into an oil in my hands, and it's satisfying to watch it break down my makeup right before my eyes—especially tough waterproof mascara—without any extra effort. Compared to other cleansing balms, it feels much lighter and doesn't leave any annoying oily residue behind. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean yet moisturized after every use. Whether you're looking for an easy way to cleanse away your full-coverage makeup or want to take your cleansing to the next level, the Clean 10 Cleansing Balm from Juno & Co. won't disappoint. Shop it now for only $15.

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