Have you ever wondered how to fix broken makeup? This little box does it in under five minutes.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated July 02, 2018
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How to Fix Broken Makeup
Credit: Larry Washburn/Getty Images

Many a time I've sideswiped a relatively new makeup compact, knocking it to the tile floor and shattering powder into one million pieces. It's one of the worst feelings in the world (if you're dramatic like I am). After letting out a melancholy "Nooooooooo," the only action I take next is placing the compact in a drawer, hoping time will magically heal the wounds and congeal my makeup back together.

To no one's surprise, doing nothing has never worked. I have found something magical, however, that fixes broken makeup, and I feel like Cinderella when her fairy godmother appears and turns a pumpkin into a carriage.

A few weeks ago, I met with Jill Rossini, founder of FIXY. Instead of a magic wand, Rossini brought her invention, the Fixy Makeup Repair and Creation Kit ($48; fixymakeup.com).

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I showed up with my two completely obliterated pieces of makeup (yes, I held onto them for months–nay, years–because, unlike Rose in "Titanic," I never let go).

In under five minutes, my Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder ($23-37; sephora.com) was whole again. Five minutes after that, my Clinique True Bronzer Pressed Powder ($29; sephora.com) joined the translucent setting powder in rebirth.

Here's how Fixy's makeup repair kit works:

Fixy Makeup Repair Kit, How to Fix Broken Makeup
Credit: fixymakeup.com

Step One: Pour Your Broken Makeup into the "Grinding Drawer"

The pink box has four layers, the third of which is known as the "grinding drawer." Pour your shattered makeup bits onto the metal sifter, then use the little plastic tool to smooth the chunks into a fine powder, letting your makeup fall through the screen into the basin underneath.

Fixy Makeup Repair Kit, How to Fix Broken Makeup
Credit: fixymakeup.com

Step Two: Pour the Ground Powder into a Tray and Spray

This step is easy to remember because I made it rhyme for you...

After your makeup is all smoothed out and in the bottommost tier of the Fixy box, you're going to pour it into one of the circular slots from the second layer. Before pouring, place one of the accompanying tins into the slot of the size you want flat on a table.

Once all the powder is on the tin, spray the Fixy binding solution two to three times on the makeup.

Fixy Makeup Repair Kit, How to Fix Broken Makeup
Credit: fixymakeup.com

Step Three: Press Down Like You Mean It

The first compartment of the box has three black cylinders built in for the final leg of the makeup repair process. Lining this up with the makeup tin you've placed on a flat surface, push down hard for a few seconds. When you lift the top section off, your makeup will either be completely whole again or partway there, in which case just go ahead and press again. Once you're all set, you can plop the new compact into a magnetic, powder pink case with built-in mirror, and your DIY project looks as good as something you'd see on the shelves at Sephora.

That's literally all it takes, and then you just wash the box out between uses. The one caveat is that the binding spray smells pretty potent when it first comes out because of the alcohol, but that dissipates after a few minutes.

The hidden silver lining of breaking your makeup and using this tool kit is that you can customize your products. I could have mixed a little white setting powder into my bronzer, for example, if I was more pale than when I had originally bought it. Or you could get creative and mix together eyeshadows you don't wear anymore to re-purpose those old shades into an updated color. The makeup world is your oyster with this little pink box–which also looks pretty cute sitting out in the open on your vanity or nightstand.