If you're trying to figure out how to clean makeup brushes, I've got the $1 solution you need.

By Alex Richards
Updated June 18, 2018
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It may shock you to hear this, but there is no magical makeup-brush-cleaning fairy who comes to clean your brushes and remove all the build-up and bacteria in the middle of the night.

In reality, we’re supposed to clean our makeup brushes way more often than we do–like, once every few weeks (more for concealer brushes, less for powder brushes). I mean, I get it; it's a major hassle. But it’s pretty gross to think about using those brushes if there’s residual germs on them, right?

Instead of spending an hour painstakingly washing my makeup brushes in a sink full of soapy water and maybe, maybe not getting them completely clean, my new favorite product is the Makeup Washing Brush by HiMo ($1; amazon.com). All I have to do is wet the brush and squirt some baby shampoo or one of my favorite facial cleansers onto the scrubber’s bristles and grooves–I love Boscia's MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil ($32; sephora.com). Then, I wipe and swirl my brushes along the surface until they’re completely clean. It takes literally a few seconds.

This little contraption works great with tiny eyeshadow brushes or large powder brushes and has saved me a lot of time and effort since becoming part of my makeup routine. I also love that it fits right inside my makeup bag, so I can pack it with me when I’m out of town. Knowing that I’m keeping my makeup brushes nice and cleaning them often enough with this cute little makeup brush cleaner has given me major peace of mind–and my pores are thanking me, too.