Mitchell Feinberg

Adapted from the Mexican Beer Lime Facial at La Esperanza Resort, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

What you need: 1 egg white; ½ cup beer (any brand); and 2 teaspoons fresh lime juice.

How it works: Beer is a soothing cleanser. “It contains B vitamins, hops, saccharides, and yeast, which help dissolve dead cells and increase the skin’s luminosity,” says Fusco. When mixed with egg white, the yeast in the beer creates a filmy mask that hydrates and improves the elasticity of the skin. Adding a dash of lime, a source of vitamin C, helps to clear pores and fade brown spots.

Do it yourself: Combine the egg white and beer with the lime juice. Slather onto the face. After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Didi’s take: “The mask, which I painted on with a basting brush, is clear and dries quickly, so you can walk around the house with it on. It smelled so fresh and felt so cool that I kept it on for an extra five minutes. After I rinsed, my face felt smoother than a silk pillow and was, in fact, so luminous that my husband asked if I was testing a new face cream. A new face cream—right, that’s it.”

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