Gone are the days of taking everything out of my bag just to find the keys/lip gloss/Band-Aids at the bottom. This tiny automatic light lets me see everything in an instant. 

By Alex Richards
June 06, 2018

I never used to think of myself as Mary Poppins—you know, carrying around a bag big enough to hold a coat rack and a lamp and a mirror. But then I had kids. Of course, my bag is super stylish, but it’s also so giant that items tend to get lost in it. When I need something, I need it like immediately-right-at-that-exact-second, and if I can’t find it? Cue Hulk Rage.

Instead of carrying around a big clunky flashlight (because I might be a mom but I’m not a grandma), I bought one of these ingenious Automatic Handbag Illuminators. It sounds like one of those aisle lights at the movie theater, but it’s actually much sleeker and user-friendly than that. It’s a little round light that senses your hand reaching desperately into your bag, turns on for 8 seconds (just long enough to find my lip gloss or hand sanitizer), then switches off automatically.

This revolutionary orb light has saved me from several in-public meltdowns while looking for my keys or wallet. I also love that I can move it from bag to bag. Measuring at less than 3”, it can fit in just about any handbag, and even a few of my clutches for a girl’s night out.

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