Gone are the days of taking everything out of my bag just to find the keys/lip gloss/Band-Aids at the bottom. This tiny automatic light lets me see everything in an instant. 

By Alex Richards
Updated June 06, 2018
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Automatic Handbag Illuminator
With this sleek orb tucked in your purse, you'll never have to rummage for your phone or keys again. The device lights up as your hand approaches it to illuminate the contents of your bag. To buy: $35,
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I never used to think of myself as Mary Poppins—you know, carrying around a bag big enough to hold a coat rack and a lamp and a mirror. But then I had kids. Of course, my bag is super stylish, but it’s also so giant that items tend to get lost in it. When I need something, I need it like immediately-right-at-that-exact-second, and if I can’t find it? Cue Hulk Rage.

Instead of carrying around a big clunky flashlight (because I might be a mom but I’m not a grandma), I bought one of these ingenious Automatic Handbag Illuminators. It sounds like one of those aisle lights at the movie theater, but it’s actually much sleeker and user-friendly than that. It’s a little round light that senses your hand reaching desperately into your bag, turns on for 8 seconds (just long enough to find my lip gloss or hand sanitizer), then switches off automatically.

This revolutionary orb light has saved me from several in-public meltdowns while looking for my keys or wallet. I also love that I can move it from bag to bag. Measuring at less than 3”, it can fit in just about any handbag, and even a few of my clutches for a girl’s night out.