How to Style Wispy Bangs Like a Hairstylist

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Full-on bangs can be an intimidating style to try the first time around—you never really know if they'll really flatter your face shape until they're there. But the best example of a one-size-fits-all bang is the wispy bang, a somewhat elusive style that doesn't quite qualify as full fringe, but still offers that face-framing structure we crave in a hairstyle.

Simply put, wispy bangs are piecey, feathered bangs. "Wispy bangs are such a trend right now because they are a low-maintenance take on blunt bangs, which can be more difficult to style and require more frequent salon visits," explains Nubia Rëzo, a celebrity stylist based in New York City. "Wispy bangs are a great way to spice up your hair and give it more life; their movement is what makes them, well, wispy!"

Best of all, Rëzo, says that people with all hair and bang types can wear wispy bangs because they frame the face, complement your features, and are simple to style. This includes side bangs, micro bangs, and curtain bangs, all of which can be merged with a wispier texture. Ready to learn how to style wispy bangs just like a professional hairstylist would? Here's the full rundown.

How to Style Wispy Bangs

Step One: Sit in the Salon Chair

Though you might be tempted to cut wispy bangs yourself, the stylists we spoke to highly recommended against a DIY job.

"When trying to achieve this look, it's important for the ends to be texturized and feathered with shears to qualify as a 'wispy bang' style," Rëzo explains. "These bangs were created to stray away from such a harsh look, so it is crucial the bangs are cut specifically to complement the type of hair for a more even blended look."

For instance, a curl type 3A or tighter requires leaving the bangs a bit on the longer side to accommodate for shrinkage, and straighter hair types may require extreme precision since every cut is so noticeable. Leave this one to the pros, friends.

Step Two: Gather Your Supplies

Once you get back home, the right tools and products can go a long way in helping you maintain those perfect wispy bangs. You'll want the following:

  • Lightweight heat protectant, such as Amika Blockade Heat Defense Serum ($26;
  • Blow dryer
  • Curl-enhancing cream if you have curly hair, such as SheaMoisture Smoothie Curl Enhancing Cream for Thick, Curly Hair ($10;
  • Diffuser attachment for your blow dryer if you have curly hair
  • Super flexible hairspray, like Kevin Murphy's SESSION.SPRAY FLEX ($34;

"You don't want to use anything that's going to keep the hair together," notes Davide Marinelli, stylist and founder of Davide Hair Studio. If you're on day two or beyond, you may need a touch of dry shampoo or a powdery product to help lift the root and refresh your bangs.

If your hair is naturally limp on day one, as well, then a root lifting product will come in handy. Marinelli recommends Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder ($46,

Step Three: Style Your Wispy Bangs

How you style your wispy bangs depends on your hair texture.

If you have straight or wavy hair, Marinelli says to use your fingers and, with a blow dryer, dry back and forth to create separation.

"You want to arrange the bangs with your hands so they have a natural finished look to them," says celebrity stylist Clariss Rubenstein. "Spray with a light flexible hairspray to finish, and avoid over styling—that can go '80s, and not in a good way!"

Those with curly hair can use a lightweight curling cream and let their hair air dry, or use a diffuser for controlled drying. Finish your wispy bangs with a light hairspray that allows for movement and won't weigh your strands down.

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