A waterfall braid is the perfect romantic hairstyle for any occasion—and believe it or not, it’s easy! Learn how to do a waterfall braid with this easy tutorial.

By Maritza Buelvas

As huge fans of the prettiest hair hacks and braiding techniques, we had to feature a simplified hair tutorial for mastering how to do a waterfall braid. This step-by-step waterfall braid is easy to follow and yields gorgeous results.  

We asked hairstylist Tatum Wetzel to share a game-changing waterfall braid tutorial to elevate your next romantic occasion (complete with a secret stylist tip). This cascading waterfall braid with curls is easy to recreate and helps show off those long locks in a whimsical, flirty way. Read on to learn how to DIY the waterfall braid once and for all!

What You Need

  • elastic bands
  • hair pins
  • texture powder
  • hairspray
  • brush and comb

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