6 Trendy Throwback Hairstyles

A blast from hairstyles past—taking inspiration from the '20s to the '90s.

Apologies if this is triggering, but take a moment to reflect on all your past hairstyles—yes, even the cringy perms and butterfly clips. Has your favorite look gone out of style? Fortunately (or depending on how you look at it, unfortunately) the good thing about hairstyles is they're cyclical, meaning what goes around will eventually come back. Case in point: Pin-ups, middle parts, and hair accessories are getting another go at the limelight, along with some famous hairstyles that will give you major #throwback vibes. But don't worry—we've upgraded; gone are the helmet-like mullets and gravity-defying beehives. Instead, we have touchable textures and chic silhouettes that will have you reconsidering retro all over again. Below are six retrospective hairstyles that will completely change your perspective.

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Faux Bob

Want to go short but don't want to commit to a true chop? Fake it! Fun fact: These Gatsby-esque faux bobs—also called nervous bobs—were huge during the '20s (for women too nervous to bob their hair in earnest). "To get this look, I like to apply a volumizing mousse on wet hair and blow out until dry, then pull hair back into two small sections and wrap them with thin elastic," says Sally Hershberger, a hairstylist in New York City. "From there, I tuck the sections up beneath the rest of the hair and begin to strategically place bobby pins throughout to secure the pieces; this is when the faux bob shape will begin to appear."

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Vintage Pixie

Pixie cuts are one of those hairstyles that are eternally trendy yet always evolving. "While the new pixie trend is a little straighter and longer, I love a vintage pixie because it features a ton of layers with volume for a sexy, tousled look," explains Hershberger. "While this look is all about the cut, it's the style that really sets it apart. I love to enhance vintage pixies by adding a shaping balm, like 24K Vanity Hair Shaping Balm ($32, sallyhershberger.com), as a finishing touch to add volume from mid-shaft to the ends."

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Golden Age Waves

If one look was to epitomize the Golden Age of Hollywood, it would be uber-glamorous, blown-out curls. Bigger is better when it comes to golden age waves, so Hershberger recommends using hot rollers instead of a curling iron. "Set for 20 to 30 minutes, then allow your hair to cool off before shaking out the curls," she says.

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Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are a super youthful style that is especially great for second-day hair. To achieve the playful look, tie hair up in a high ponytail with an elastic, then continue to tie thin elastics at equal distances until you're near the end of the hair (the number of elastics will depend on the length of your hair). "It's important to keep the bottom portion out to ensure there is some movement. Pull out some wisps and baby hairs around the face to make the look appear a little less styled," advises Hershberger.

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Feathered Bangs

Princess Diana was a particular fan of fluffed, feathered cuts, and now you can pay homage with fanned-out bangs without looking out of style. "Feathered bangs are a great example of a one-size-fits-all bang as they tend to be flattering on all face types," says Hershberger. "I like to keep feathered bangs long and wispy. Instead of sitting stagnant on the forehead, they have a ton of movement that allows them to either merge into or stand apart from the rest of your hair."

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Choppy Shag

Before the '80s mullet, there was the '70s shag. Joan Jett fans can rejoice because the rock 'n' roll crop is coming back stronger than ever. "You know I'm always about a sexy, choppy shag," agrees Hershberger. "This look is all about strategically placed, dimensional layers, and looks great on a mid-length cut, with the longest pieces being just beneath the collarbone. To really make this look work, blow out hair so that it's on the straighter side—a sure way to make the layers stand out—and then work in a layer of dry shampoo or texture spray."

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