How to Do a Half-Up Twist Hairstyle

This versatile hairstyle will trick people into thinking you went to the salon.

Finished Half-Up Twist Hairstyle by Kate Bryan
Photo: Kate Bryan

This easy style, created for Real Simple by The Small Things blogger Kate Bryan, takes no more than five minutes.

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Half-Up Twist

Finished Half-Up Twist Hairstyle by Kate Bryan
Kate Bryan

This style is remarkably simple—a couple of twists, a few pins, and you're done—and yet it's undeniably striking.

Read on for the step-by-step how-tos, or click here to see the video tutorial for the Half-Up Twist.

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Step 1

Half-Up Twist Hairstyle, Step 1
Kate Bryan

Begin by separating the hair at your crown area. Using a fine-tooth comb, tease the hair by slowly combing it toward your scalp.

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Step 2

Half-Up Twist Hairstyle, Step 2
Kate Bryan

With your fingers (or the wide-tooth end of the comb), smooth the hair to cover the teasing. Then secure that top section of hair, up at your crown, with a few bobby pins inserted horizontally.

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Step 3

Half-Up Twist Hairstyle, Step 3
Kate Bryan

Separate a section of hair in front of one ear and twist it toward the back. Position the twist on top of the previously inserted pins to cover them. Insert a bobby pin or two into the twist to secure it. Repeat on the other side.

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Step 4

Half-Up Twist Hairstyle, Step 4
Kate Bryan

Check the back of your style with a hand mirror and make sure all the bobby pins are covered. Stretch out the twists if you need to. Finish with a mist of hair spray.

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