The miracle brush I can’t believe I didn’t know about.

By Maddy Sims
Updated June 15, 2017

Having been a swimmer for 19 years of my life, my hair was always wet. I would rush to get ready after morning practice and drag my plastic hairbrush through my hair, ripping through my knots. I guess it comes as no surprise that after years of this bad habit, my hair was beyond damaged. I had hundreds of split ends and my hair was visibly thinner.

I decided I needed to be gentler on my tresses, but I didn’t have the luxury of time to work a comb through my hair. As I strolled through the hair care aisle to find a better brush, I came across my saving grace: the Wet Brush Original Detangler, $8;

It has thin and flexible bristles to gently glide through wet tangled hair rather than yank on it. Plus, it works just a fast as a brush and leaves no snarl unknotted. What’s more, each bristle is covered by a little dot of plastic to gently massage your sensitive scalp after a hot shower.

The best part about this magic brush, though, is definitely the price. For just $8, it will take all of the pain out of your detangling process without emptying your wallet. It’s sold in tons of different stores like Target, Walgreens, Ulta, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Since I made the switch to this brush a few years ago, I can already see a difference in my hair. It looks and feels thicker and fuller. And my split ends? They’re a thing of the past. My only regret is that I didn’t find this brush sooner.