Still wondering where this hair tool has been my whole life.

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Unplugged Beauty Cordless Curling Iron
Credit: Amazon

Hair tools have come a long way since I first (unfortunately) started rigorously straightening my hair in the early 2000s. (But if you didn’t straighten your hair every day to get that Rachel-from-Friends inspired ‘do, did you really live through the 90s and 00s?)

If you’re a beauty junkie and love styling your hair, you’ve probably dabbled in all the trendy hair tools, like the Revlon One-Step hair dryer and the Dyson Air Wrap. And you’ve probably discovered that, while these hair gadgets dry your hair faster, they still have one big problem: Their cords get tangled and in your way.

There’s nothing worse than accidentally burning yourself while curling your hair because the cord gets stuck or knotted up, so that’s why I’m a full-blown cordless curling iron convert now. Not only do cordless curling irons remove the hassle of unwrapping and re-wrapping cords, they provide you with wire-free sanity during styling, save you time, and are easier to pack for touch ups or while traveling. Recently launched on Amazon, my new favorite must-have cordless curling iron is Unplugged Beauty’s one-inch curling wand.

The way cordless curling irons work is simple. By eliminating the need for a plug, most of them run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (yes, they are TSA-approved for travel), which is exactly like the portable battery you use to charge your phone. Surprisingly, they get just as hot as traditional curling irons, with Unplugged Beauty’s model rapidly reaching 200°F to 400°F for speedy styling.

With this cordless iron, I can easily sneak touch ups at my desk or curl my hair anywhere in my apartment without being tied to one spot. In addition to the cordless perk, the wireless iron features handy digital temperature and battery power indicators so you can choose what setting is best for your hair and see when the wand has low battery. It takes three hours to charge the iron completely, which will give you 40 minutes of battery life—that gets me through about two styling sessions.

While dealing with a cord on your curling iron may seem like just a small inconvenience, using a cordless option will make you wonder how you ever managed without one. I’ll never use another curling iron again. Below, shop Unplugged Beauty’s cordless curling wand in either black or white.

Unplugged Beauty Cordless 1-Inch Curling Wand

Unplugged Beauty Cordless Curling Iron
Credit: Amazon

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