My Favorite Hair Ties Don't Slip, Crease, or Cause Damage—and They Pass for Bracelets

Finally, a hair elastic that isn’t an eyesore on your wrist. 

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TELETIES - Spiral Hair Coils

More than once in my life, a wedding photographer has asked me to remove the ugly elastic band from around my wrist before I singlehandedly ruined the bridal party pictures. I wear a backup hair tie everywhere I go, including to parties, to the lake, while running errands, in the shower, to bed, and yes, to my best friends' weddings. They always took away from my outfits rather than adding to them—until I discovered Teleties.

If you haven't yet heard of Teleties, here's what you need to know: Like many other trending hair ties out there, their spiral telephone-cord-like design ensures that they'll hold your hair securely without tangling, tugging, or creasing. Unlike the other options out there, however, Teleties come in tons of stylish colors and gorgeous patterns, so when you're wearing one on your wrist, people will probably confuse it for a bracelet. They even come in metallic gold and silver, both of which can easily blend in with your jewelry during formal occasions.

TELETIES - Spiral Hair Coils

To buy: $10, and

In my opinion, there are three distinct features that set Teleties apart from other hair ties (even other spiral ones). First, I can switch them out depending on my outfit so they double as functional accessories. Second, they're made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), so they're durable, washable, water-resistant, and stretchable—meaning I no longer have to deal with a hair tie cutting off the circulation to my hand. And pro tip: If your Teletie stretches out too much, you can shrink it again using hot water.

Finally, they're offered in three different sizes: large, small, and tiny. This not only allows you to use them for various hairstyles, like braids and partial up-dos, but it's also a godsend for my thin hair since bigger ties tend to just slip out. And I'm not the only fan—buyers with a variety of hair types are grateful for the options, too. "I have super thick hair and this is the only silicone tie that doesn't give me a headache or slip off," one Amazon reviewer who called it their "all-time favorite hair tie" wrote. Another raved, "I have naturally wavy/curly/frizzy/thick hair and before I always had problems with hair ties getting stuck in my hair. I have never had that problem with Teleties!"

TELETIES - Spiral Hair Coils

To buy: $8, and

Hair ties aren't the only product in Teleties lineup, either. The brand also makes headbands (which, in my opinion, are just okay) and the newly released flexible hair clips, which are super durable, curved to comfortably fit your head, and are probably the best hair clips I've ever owned.

While many Teleties options are available on Amazon, you'll find the entire selection of colors and sizes on the Teleties website, where you can also shop the clips, headbands, and the Teletote, a keychain that helps you organize and travel with your hair ties in style. I, for one, am looking forward to never getting reprimanded by another wedding photographer for as long as I live.

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