This sophisticated braided style just go a lot easier. 

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Sarah Maingot

This article originally appeared on MIMI

Ah the milkmaid braid, so beautiful. So daunting. I don't know about you but something that looks that stunning always was a little scary when it came to self styling. But, thanks to our hair stylist superhero Ammon Carver of the Ammon Carver L'ANZA Healing Hair Care Salon, we've seen the light. It ain't all that hard.


1. Part your hair in the middle.
2. Leave both sides with an equal amount of hair.
3. Braid the right section.
4. Fasten with an elastic band.
5. Wrap braid over your hair like a head band and pin into place.
6. Repeat on the left section.


Makeup artist: Andreana Ellerby; Shot in Ammon Carver L'ANZA Healing Hair Care Studio in NYC; Video shot and edited by 811media

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