The Best Brush for Every Hair Type

Whether your hair is curly, fine, long, or short, there’s a brush for that. Here, the best tools for every hair type to ensure a better hair day—every day.




Ouidad Double Detangler Comb
Experts typically recommend finger-combing curls, but this brush is great for those times when your spirals need some TLC. Two lengths of teeth stacked on top of each other precisely comb through tangles without ripping, tugging, or disrupting your curl pattern and causing frizz. Brush conditioner through your hair in the shower to distribute product and prep hair for drying.

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Olivia Garden HeatPro Thermal Round Brush
A round brush creates tension on thick strands to eliminate frizz and flyaways. This one is made with tourmaline ions that make hair look smoother and shinier. It also has a vented ceramic barrel for better airflow to dry hair faster (score!). Use on damp hair or as a finishing brush to style after drying.

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Kardashian Beauty Nylon & Boar Bristle Paddle Brush
Add a little texture to fine hair by using a nylon and boar bristle brush like this one. A gentler tension creates lift for added volume. Be sure to direct heat at the root for an added boost that will last.

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Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Tool Half Paddle
These sturdy bristles allow for major control when taming a long mane. The formation of the teeth also pulls more moisture out of the hair so it takes less time to dry. Make long strokes from root to tip, holding the dryer right next to the brush for a frizz-free, smooth blowout.

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Chi Turbo Round Boar Brush
Boar bristles are great for short hair because they grab and hold every strand. Choose one with a width of one inch or smaller so hair fits all the way around. This brush is also great for blowing out bangs or face-framing layers.

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Sensitive Scalp


Soothing Sensations Paddle Brush
If most brushes make you say “ouch,” give this one a whirl. The wide set bristles allow the teeth to glide through strands, plus the extra large ball tips provide a massaging effect. A soft textured rubber handle also makes it super easy to hold.

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