Spoiler: It’s not about the product.

By Melanie Mannarino
Updated December 20, 2017
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Anyone with curly hair can tell you, it’s got a mind of its own. Some days, your curls are absolute perfection, other days, they’re a fuzzy, unmanageable halo you can’t hide from. You can use the same gel/mousse/spray/serum every day, and never get the same results twice.

That’s always been my experience, at least. But then my mom gave me what at first glance seemed like the world’s most boring birthday gift. It was a towel. Made for drying hair. Yawn. I have a whole linen closet full of towels, Mom.

This towel is different though. It’s the Aquis Hair Towel and it has been a total game-changer when it comes to my hair. Since I’ve started using it, getting ready in the morning is faster, because I don’t obsess over bad hair days at all. And I easily get one to three compliments daily from strangers who admire my hair, ask what I use on my curls, and generally make me feel like a total movie star.

Here’s why the towel is so special: It’s a thin, lightweight, microfiber towel—completely different from my fluffier-the-better bath sheets. The thin part is key, because when I gently scrunch my curls with the towel to dry them after a shower, I can feel what I’m doing (think of it as picking something up wearing bulky mittens vs. sleek leather gloves), so I cradle the curls rather than crushing them.

The microfiber towel also absorbs so quickly that I don’t need to repeatedly blot my hair—one scrunch per section is all I need to get the right damp texture for applying product. As all curly girls know, over-touching hair is a recipe for frizz.

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After quickly and easily drying my hair with the Aquis, all I need to do is apply my favorite product (Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel never lets me down), and let it air dry. (I also blast it with a little diffuser action toward the end, for a touch of volume at the crown—but that’s just me.)

I’m so devoted to my hair towel that I bring it with me on vacations and business trips. And the one time I left it in our beach rental by accident, I ordered a new one to replace it on the ride home. It’s that good.