Amazon Black Friday 2019: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Sale
Credit: Amazon

Dyson's Popular Supersonic Hair Dryer Comes With a Free Gift for Black Friday

You don’t want to miss this rare deal.
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While you may know Dyson for its top-rated vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, the brand's haircare tools also have an adoring fan base. Designed with the same powerful technology as its vacuums, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is the key to achieving frizz-free, shiny hair. And right now, you can score a free detangling comb and vented round brush with your Dyson hair dryer purchase at Nordstrom

Thanks to a small-yet-powerful Dyson digital motor V9 and the brand's Air Multiplier technology, the Supersonic Hair Dryer produces a high-pressure, high-velocity stream of air that will dry your hair within minutes. While in use, it also measures the air temperature over 40 times every second and regulates its heat level to prevent heat damage and maintain your hair's shine. Along with the dryer itself, the purchase comes with three attachments, a storage hanger, and a nonslip heat mat for safe dryer placement while you're using it. 

Supersonic Hair Dryer Fuchsia Gift Edition DYSON

To buy: $399;

"This hair dryer is spectacular!" one reviewer wrote. "It dried my wet, color-treated, medium length, medium thick/wavy hair in under 10 minutes. This hair dryer made my hair smooth, sleek, and actually shiny—which I have not seen in my hair for a very long time. This item is so expensive, but it's worth the money to me as it will last forever, and it will save me tons of styling time for years to come."

Another initially skeptical shopper wrote, "I fought the temptation for a long time, thinking what can make a hair dryer worth that much money? Wow! It is worth the investment. It dries my hair so much faster and with much smoother results than any other dryer I have used. I feel this is much healthier for my hair and scalp... I am sold."

Both the free detangling comb and round brush that come with the Dyson hair dryer were also engineered with hair health in mind. The detangling comb glides loosely through wet or dry hair with minimal friction, while the vented round brush helps give your hair volume and shape while you style it. 

It's rare to find a deal on the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, so we highly recommend taking advantage of this Black Friday special. (The device is so popular that it's completely sold out on Amazon.) Trust us and the 1,200 Nordstrom shoppers who gave the dryer a five-star rating when we tell you it's the secret to achieving salon-quality blowouts at home. 

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