Managing My Frizzy Hair Is Actually Kind of Easy, Thanks to This Blow-Drying Brush

How I finally learned to love my locks—and stop fearing humidity.

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Drybar Double Shot Blow Drying Brush review - brush and other brush and clip on blue background

I have frizzy hair. I've had frizzy hair since middle school, and while my hair texture has shifted from wavy to curly and back over the years, the frizz has always remained. I've learned how to blow dry hair like a pro and yet, if there's humidity in the air, I still find that frizz rising at my roots.

My quest to master the frizz has included serums, creams, masks, and more, but it took Drybar's Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush to really give me a chance of winning the fight for smoother, more manageable hair. Part of the problem—beyond my hair's natural inclination to frizz and the high-humidity areas I live in—is that I want my morning routine to be quick and simple. Yes, I used to take a round-brush and hair dryer to my hair post-shower, but I'd also take shortcuts like not separating my hair properly into small sections, with frizzy results.

I thought I would have to decide between a quick morning routine and frizz-free hair, but thanks to the Double Shot, I don't. The Double Shot works as a hair dryer and a round brush in one, drying and smoothing my damp hair with one tool. I can change the power levels depending on how wet my hair is and even use it on my second- or third-day hair to smooth and straighten a little bit. The brush is big—bigger than it looks online, for sure—so it can work on a large section of hair with each pass, drying and smoothing more of my hair more quickly.

Drybar Double Shot Blow Drying Brush review - brush silo

Drybar Double Shot Blow-Drying Brush, $150;

In this time of social distancing while I fight the urge to try a quarantine haircut, I've had a lot of time to figure out how to manage my hair, and the Double Shot has proven to be my go-to hair tool. I do have long, thick hair, so I've learned that I need to rough-dry my hair with my hair dryer (with the smoothing nozzle, of course, to reduce frizz) first to get the roots mostly dry. After that, I can start with the Double Shot, smoothing and drying the length of my hair. By the time all my hair is dry, it's soft and smooth and mostly frizz-free, which is a huge improvement.

I don't ask my hair to fall perfectly straight—maybe once I conquer the frizz I'll try for straight hair—so this blow-drying brush works great for my purposes. (I don't mind a little natural wave.) Someone looking for pin-straight hair might want to use a hair straightener after their hair is dry, but if you're OK with a little wave or curl and that more natural blown-out look, the Drybar Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush might be a great option for work mornings or before nights out—once everything reopens, of course.

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