This unfussy ‘do—no brush or mirror required—is easy to style on the fly, whether you’re traveling to the office or taking off on a weekend getaway.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated March 16, 2017
Braided bun
Credit: Molly Cranna

1. Part Ways
Using your fingers, pull hair into a low ponytail and secure tightly with an elastic (a few bumps keep the look from veering into ballerina land). Spritz your ponytail with a texturizing spray, like Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast ($29; Divide into three sections, making one about twice as thick as the others. Braid each so you end up with three braids; secure with clear elastics.

2. Bring Full Circle
Wrap the largest braid around the base of the ponytail to create a bun (going around the two smaller braids). Secure with bobby pins. Then wrap the smaller braids around the outside in opposite directions, pinning one, then the other. Don’t worry about getting it exactly “right”—randomness is what gives this look its charm.

3. Rough It Up
Tug at a few pieces throughout the bun to beef it up. With your fingertips, massage your roots to create lift around the crown. To dress up this style, place a ribbon where you would a headband, and tie in a bow underneath. (Spray the underside of the ribbon with texturizer to give it some grip.)