It weighs just one pound.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated June 30, 2017

When I originally bought the BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer on Amazon Prime back in March 2016, I wasn’t even looking for a travel hair dryer. I had just moved into a new apartment, and my high-powered, full-size dryer that took my long hair from soaked to smooth, shiny, and perfectly dry in under five minutes was tripping the circuit breaker every day. After the second time calling my landlord to reset the breaker, I knew I had to part ways with my beloved power-sucking appliance.

In search of a replacement, I delved into Amazon’s selection of low-wattage options. My previous dryer boasted 1,875 watts of power, and the ones I now had my eye on used a mere 1,000 watts. After a minute of Amazon scrolling, I started to notice that as the wattage decreased, so did the size of the dryers. Soon, I was face-to-face with the fact that the only dryer my apartment could handle was a mini travel dryer that might make me feel like I was living out of a suitcase. Well, if I couldn’t beat it, then I was determined to find the smallest, fastest, lightest low-wattage travel dryer Amazon offered, which brought me to the BaByliss. It was cute and red, almost comically small, had a folding handle, dual voltage, weighed just a single pound, was $25 at the time (up to $33 now)—and most importantly, used only 1,000 watts. Click, and it was in my shopping cart.

Two days of air-dried hair later, the dryer arrived in an impossibly small box. I had my doubts—after all, this mini appliance had some big shoes to fill. But it was time for its test. On the first go, it dried my long hair in less than 10 minutes with only mild frizzing, was remarkably lightweight, and most importantly, it didn’t trip the circuit breaker. I was convinced. Now, more than a year later, it’s still my go-to dryer, both at home and for travel. And when my mom was preparing for a trip to Greece last summer, my good review prompted her to buy one, too. While this dryer probably won’t work for those who rely on multiple heat settings (it comes equipped with a simple on-off switch), it is dual voltage and, when paired with a plug adapter, is ideal for international travel. This tiny dryer probably isn’t going to replace your weekly blowout sessions, but it may just become your new favorite travel companion.