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11 Salon-Worthy Hair Dryers That Minimize Heat Damage (and Give Your Hair a Perfect Blowout)

Perfect an at-home blowout without frying your strands.
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Who needs the salon when you can have an incredibly lush-looking blowout at home? Not to say that it's not nice to get pampered every once in a while, but sometimes you just gotta DIY it at home with the time and tools that you have. Although a proper hair brush and the right styling products are also important, a good hair dryer is perhaps the most important step in achieving voluminous, salon-worthy locks. Below, you'll find the 11 best hair dryers on the market at every price point, for a beautiful blowout that won't disappoint. Not only are these modern options technologically advanced, they're also designed to minimize heat damage and cut down drying time.

best-hair-dryer-Tineco Moda One Smart Ionic Hair Dryer

1 Tineco Moda One Smart Ionic Hair Dryer


Talk about advanced tech—this blow dryer from Tineco can sense your hair's moisture level and auto-adjusts the temperature and airflow for fast drying without excessive heat damage. Plus, it connects to an app so you can select pre-programmed drying modes, and comes with magnetic attachments including a diffuser, styling concentrator, and smoothing nozzle.  

best-hair-dryer-Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer

2 Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer


This hair dryer from Revlon has garnered a cult following, and it's not hard to see why—it's incredibly easy to use and takes the pain out of multitasking with a round brush and blow dryer in your other hand. This pick will help smooth your hair fast and, unlike conventional hair dryers, this one from Revlon can be placed closer to the scalp for extra volume and lift.  

best-hair-dryer-NuME Stealth Hair Dryer

3 NuME Stealth Hair Dryer


Not only do we love the pretty rose gold features on this blow dryer, but we also like its technology, too. This pick from NuME is made with a pure ceramic grill that gently dries your hair for added protection, with up to 40 percent less drying time. It also includes far-infrared heat tech that helps to break the bonds between water molecules for faster drying time.  

best-hair-dryer-By Gina Excel Infrared Hair Dryer

4 By Gina Excel Infrared Hair Dryer


Using infrared smart technology to dry hair with steam heat and ionic technology, this blow dryer from By Gina will dry hair fast, without the excessive damage you might find from other blow dryers. It has multiple settings, is relatively affordable, and can even decrease drying time by 50 percent.  

best-hair-dryer-Julien Farel Restore Hair Dryer

5 Julien Farel Restore Hair Dryer


Featuring a long-life motor (up to 1875 watts), this blow dryer from Julien Farel is a medium-sized pick that won't take up much space in your bathroom or suitcase. It has two speeds, three heat settings, and also has a loop at the end for convenient storing. 

best-hair-dryer-Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

6 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


The mother of all blow dryers, this pick from Dyson was created after the company invested a whopping $71 million into its development. It's the most advanced blow dryer on the market, looks incredibly cool, and is engineered to protect hair from extreme heat. Yes, it is expensive, but the return on investment is so worth it—you'll have beautifully healthy, blown-out locks for many, many years after a purchase like this one.  

best-hair-dryer-InfinitiPRO by Conair SmoothWrap Hair Dryer

7 InfinitiPRO by Conair SmoothWrap Hair Dryer


By maximizing the absorption of conditioning ions to minimize frizz and maximize body, this hair dryer from Conair will help your hair feel moisturized and conditioned the more you use it. With dual ion therapy, this blow dryer will smooth out strands flawlessly (or enhance curls if you use the diffuser attachment). We love that it's high performance, without the high price tag.  

best-hair-dryer-Flower Ionic Pro Hair Dryer

8 Flower Ionic Pro Hair Dryer


This hair dryer from Flower was created by Drew Barrymore, and it's as bright as her personality. The energy-efficient, aerospace-designed airflow system makes this pick more powerful than a 2,000-watt dryer, without wasting your energy. Plus, it's super lightweight, includes a concentrator nozzle for smooth styling, and comes with a turbo ionic switch (either "turbo" or "low"), where you can choose how many ions you want to blast into your hair. 

best-hair-dryer-T3 Fit Hair Dryer

9 T3 Fit Hair Dryer


Not only is this baby blow dryer from T3 30 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter than your full-size blow dryer at home, but it also probably performs better, too. It's designed with three heat and two-speed settings and is powered by advanced T3 IonAir Technology that infuses negative ions into a wide and gentle airstream to help smooth the cuticle and dry your locks in no time at all. It couldn't be more perfect for traveling and has an incredibly sleek, beautiful design, too. 

best-hair-dryer-Hot Tools Professional 1875W Tourmaline + Ionic Lightweight and Quiet Turbo Hair Dryer

10 Hot Tools Professional 1875W Tourmaline + Ionic Lightweight and Quiet Turbo Hair Dryer


This blow dryer from Hot Tools was ergonomically designed to be lightweight and quiet, so it won't put extra stress on your wrists and arms when you're blow drying your hair. Unlike some other hair dryers that only offer two heat settings, this pick comes with three heat options, including low, medium, and high heat. It comes with a finger diffuser, straightening pik, and concentrator, too. 

best-hair-dryer-Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer

11 Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer


Weighing less than a pound, this hair dryer from Bio Ionic uses Volcanic MX, a proprietary mixture of volcanic rock and the brand's signature mineral complex, to infuse moisture into your strands and seal the cuticle while you style. You get a super high-shine finish in less than 10 minutes.