That's right: the colorful (and delicious) tropical drink has inspired a stunning new golden-red hair color.

By Hannah Norling
Updated March 29, 2018
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The tropical drink best enjoyed while lounging on the beach has inspired the latest hair color trend. And if you're ready for a new (and a bit bold) change, this look is for you. The soft copper, apricot, and tangerine tones of what stylists are calling "tequila sunrise hair" come together beautifully (just like all the flavors of a tequila sunrise!).

According to Kate Reid, a colorist at COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, the golden-red hue is best for warmer skin tones because it won’t wash you out. If you’re someone who has a cooler undertone, don’t worry: tequila sunrise hair is still achievable. Allow a little room for regrowth or pops of your own natural hair color to break up the tangerine color.

Not ready to commit? You can always try a semi-permanent color that’ll quickly wash out, suggests Reid. If you already have blonde hair, you can ask your stylist to apply an apricot toner as a road test, to see if you’re ready for the real thing.

Tequila sunrise is the perfect combination of peachy-pink and tangerine, but Reid warns that to achieve the color you'll need to go lighter at first if your hair is naturally darker, since the color will fade quickly.

To keep your hair healthy, make sure you use a masque to bring back moisture and reverse damage. You can take this trend on the lighter side of apricot or on the darker side of tangerine. Either way, we want an actual tequila sunrise and a spot in the sand. Stat.