Hint: It was big in the 90s.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated June 09, 2017
Sam Edwards/Getty Images

First there was the sock bun, then there was the messy topknot, and now there are space buns.

Though it may seem a little elementary at first glance, it’s a fun and easy way to update the usual topknot. Not sure if you can pull off this new trend? Ease into the look by trying two low buns first. Once you’re comfortable with that look, take it for a spin up high.

Here, the steps to take to master the style.

  1. Grab four hair ties that match your hair color, along with lots of hair pins.
  2. Part hair down the center, from front to back, and pull hair in front of your shoulders to keep the two sides separated.
  3. Pull each side up into a high ponytail and tightly secure it with one of the hair ties. It should be high enough that you can see the hair tie when looking in the mirror.
  4. Spritz a texturizing spray like OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray ($12; sephora.com) throughout the length of each ponytail and back comb with a brush to add some texture and grip.
  5. Twist each ponytail until it’s tight, then wrap into a bun and secure with a hair tie.
  6. While the style looks best when it’s not pristine, pin down any rogue hairs with a hair pin and secure in place with pins until each bun feels sturdy.
  7. Pull out some loose strands around your face to create a lived in look, and spritz with the texturizing spray to finish.