Kristin Ess, Lauren Conrad's hairstylist, is bringing rose gold hair dye to Target. It's cheap, easy to use—and totally temporary. 

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated January 25, 2018
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Kristin Ess Rose Gold Tint
Credit: Target

Last spring, celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess (she regularly styles Lauren Conrad and Jenna Dewan Tatum's hair) launched a hair care line with Target. Now, for spring 2018, she's launching 11 new products for her eponymous brand. And while we can't wait to try all 11, we're most excited about the Rose Gold Temporary Tint ($12; Yep, you can now match your hair to your accessories. But the best part is that it's temporary, so it's not the same commitment as if you were to go to the salon for a dye job—not to mention, it's also a fraction of the price.

"I’m always looking for ways to play with pastel tones in the hair," said Ess. "This is the first ever in-shower watercolor that creates a temporary tone." But this isn't like other dyes that can be messy and take forever to apply. Rather than a cream like most, it's in a spray formula that you simply spritz on hair while in the shower in between your shampoo and conditioner. Keep in mind that the more moisture there is in your hair, the more subtle the color will be. To amp up the color just ring out as much of the water as possible from your hair before applying. Wait one to two minutes, then rinse and follow with conditioner. Ess does note though that in order for the color to show up, you have to apply it on hair that's been pre-lightened or is already naturally blonde. After it's applied, it will wash out after one to three shampoos.

Next on our list to try is the One Signature Hair Water ($10; You're probably wondering just exactly what a hair water is. "This isn't like the water you get from your faucet," explained Ess. "This comes out in a super-fine, consistent mist that adds moisture back into the hair, calms over-heated hair, adds volume, removes creases, and—the best part—adds in the Kristin Ess signature fragrance." Sold!