These whimsical rose-braid hairstyles are carefree and fun, perfect for a boho spring look.
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If you're looking for a braid hairstyle that screams springtime, I've got good news for you. Women have been braiding their hair into intricate spirals that resemble roses, and the photos are mesmerizing. If you've got nimble fingers that can spin your hair into flowers, I envy you and your future pulling off this whimsical braided hair trend.

Hairstylists like Alison Valsamis have been turning heads on Instagram for their flower-crafting expertise and have been nice enough to post tutorials on the style. In completely simplistic terms: To get the look, portion your hair out to make small braids that you then loosen and coil, continually building out the flower around your sections, to form different layers of the rose shape.

You can also make a single braid, coil it by itself, and loosen it up as a finishing touch.

A lot of women with colored hair have been getting into the Bohemian braids, posting images of the braided hairstyle in pastels and bright hues that really do the floral look justice. So, if you haven't taken your cue from Busy Philipps yet then it's time to ditch the conventional hair colors and embrace the more emboldened spring tones, maybe these photos will change your mind.

If you're not ready to go all-in, you can use a temporary hair dye like Hair Chalk ($5.88 at Walmart), which comes out in a single wash. Kristin Ess's Temporary Tint in Rose Gold ($12 at Target) fades bit by bit over three washes if a single wash isn't enough, and if you want to keep the color in tact for even longer, semi-permanent dyes withstand more washes. L'Oreal's #COLORFULHAIR, for example, lasts for 12 washes before starting to fade out ($14.99 on Amazon).

Check out more photos of the rose-braid hairstyle below.