Who Loves a Rose Braid? We Do!

These whimsical rose braid hairstyles are carefree, fun, and perfect for a boho spring look.

If your hair is already the color of a flower, why not braid it into a rose? A braided hairstyle in pastels and bright hues can really do the floral look justice. If you haven't taken your hair color cue from Busy Philipps yet, consider embracing a more emboldened tone. Maybe these photos will inspire you.

If you're not ready to go all-in, you can use a temporary hair dye like Hair Chalk ($14.98 at Walmart), which comes out in a single wash. Kristin Ess's Temporary Tint in Rose Gold ($15 at Target) fades bit by bit over three washes, and if you want to keep the color intact for even longer, semi-permanent dyes withstand more washes. L'Oreal's #COLORFULHAIR, for example, lasts for 12 washes before starting to fade out ($8.99 on Amazon).

Check out more photos of the rose braid hairstyle below.

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