Step aside, ombre. There's a new hair coloring technique to try—and it looks even more natural.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated March 14, 2018

It seems like there is a new hair color trend every week. From pearl blonde to mushroom brown, it can be overwhelming. But, the latest one to surface—ribbon highlights—is a special hair coloring technique that we think will stick around.

While the ombrè trend was all about having darker roots that faded into lighter ends, the idea behind the ribbon technique is a solid base of color with contrast of a lighter hue running through it like—you guessed it—a ribbon.

We reached out to hairstylist and owner of The Copper Comb salon, Katelyn Bode, for her take on the new trend. "To create the look, you need the dimension of dark and light to get the ribbon effect," Bode explains. "It can be done with any shade of hair, because it's more about the contrast of colors rather than everything being the same hue."

The look works best on hair that's all one shade, says Bode. If your hair is already a light shade or you have a lot of highlights, you'll need to put in some darker lowlights in order to get the contrast. Then you'll want to be sure that your styling is on point: large, loose waves is best with this trend. Use a large barrel curling iron or even large hot rollers to create the look at home.