15 Easy Work Hairstyles You Can Do in One Minute Flat

Mornings are hard, but these hairstyles make them just a little bit easier.

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You've slept through your alarm—again. You need to get out the door fast, and your beauty routine is the last thing you want to deal with. The hustle is real. But lack of time doesn't have to mean an absence of panache. We've rounded up some of the chicest, easiest office hairstyles for every hair length and texture, all of which can be executed in under a minute. Whether you're at the gym, at home, on the train, in the car, or on the street in front of the office, get ready to flip, pin, and twist your way to polished perfection.

Short Hair

Wet It and Forget It

One reason women opt for short hair is to cut down on the time it takes to get ready each day. Use that low-maintenance length to your advantage by going for the wet look. Dampen hair and slick it down, back, and behind the ears. A touch of gel will lock things in place.

Braided/Twisted Front

We love easy braided hairstyles for work. Here's a game-changing trick, especially if your bangs aren't quite cooperating: French braid or two-strand twist your hair from one temple to the other, then secure the end with a hairpin or small elastic near the ear on the other side. Use a touch of hairspray to hold the style in place and step out in style.

Add Volume

One of the easiest ways to style short hair for work is to add volume. If you have length on top, a few carefully placed curls and a touch of spray can really change the game. Turn on the curling iron or place some rollers at the crown while you brush your teeth. When you're done, release, spray, and enjoy.

Medium Hair


Your favorite childhood hair accessory is still one of the fastest ways to achieve polish and control over your hair in mere seconds—a great option for those with a lob haircut. Brush through hair, slip a headband over your strands back to your temples, and add a touch of hairspray if needed. Leave ends of hair loose, or secure with a hair elastic or large barrette in a low ponytail for a touch of classic chic.

Braided Bun

This work look for medium hair only appears difficult. Part your hair down the middle and braid both sides of your hair (low braids, French braids, doesn't matter). Next, place the ends together and twist them into a bun at the nape of your neck. Secure the bun at the base with a hair elastic. You can also do a messy bun version of this style.

Quick Temple Twist

Got a stray hair or two that won't behave? No problem. Grab a section of hair around the temple, twist it around your fingers a few times, and secure it with a hairpin or barrette. Tousle the rest of your hair or twist it into a messy bun. You can also take equal sections on both sides and secure them behind the crown of the head for a half-up hairstyle, perfect for days when you don't have time for hair in your face.

Long Hair

Scarf Braid

This runway-ready style looks incredibly chic, and it's surprisingly easy to recreate. Secure a low ponytail with one end of a silk scarf (you can use a hair elastic underneath for extra security, especially if your hair is particularly slippery). Split the ponytail into two sections on either side of the scarf's remaining tail and start braiding the scarf with the two sections of hair until you reach the bottom. When about 1 to 2 inches of scarf remains, tie it around the hair that's left. You can leave the braid hanging loose or twist the scarf braid around itself to secure it in a low bun.

Easy Sweep With Hair Pins

Another glamorous style that's chic and easy: Just sweep some of your hair behind your ear and secure the section with hair pins. Use two pins in parallel fashion or execute a runway-ready "X" shape for an upgraded look.

Knotted Ponytail

Girls with length know how to pull hair into a ponytail and a bun in seconds flat, so combining the two moves will give you a whole new angle on your go-to hair move. Pull hair into a ponytail, then twist the base a couple of times as if you're going to twist it into a bun. Pull the ends through the middle of the bun and secure it for a knotted ponytail with a twirled base with loose, free-flowing ends. Done and done.

Natural Hair

Halo Braid

After a quick detangle, start a braid on one side of the head and continuously braid around the head. Secure the end by tucking it underneath or inside the larger braid with a hairpin.

Sleek Ponytail

The power of a sleek look–particularly on a hot day–cannot be denied. Wet hair, add gel, and then brush it up to the crown or back to the nape of the neck. Secure with a gentle elastic, smooth down your edges, and head outside to conquer the day.

Wash and Go

One of the reasons natural girls love their hair is the ease of a wash and go. A good co-wash combined with a touch of product post-shower makes things so much easier! And to be quite honest, this doesn't even require full shower time. A spray bottle with a touch of conditioner in it might be all you need to refresh and hydrate your curls. Add a light oil, a touch of curl crème, and a bit of edge control gel. Then step out in style.

Curly Hair


Curly girls know this ultimate, quick-and-easy hairstyle: Pile all your curls right on top of your head and secure them with a gentle hair tie or a pretty scarf. Not only is this the queen of all easy curly hairstyles, but it's also the fastest. Flip your head upside down, gather, secure, and go!

Side Braid

Sometimes all you need is 10 seconds to refresh your look, and this quick and easy work look for curly hair is a perfect example. Gather hair to one side, braid loosely, secure the ends. Add a touch of gel if the weather looks like frizz is a possibility and step out into the day.

Wavy Half-Up Style

Curls and waves can enjoy a quick, fresh look with ease by gathering the top section of hair and pulling it around and over the crown, securing with a hair accessory. This is particularly handy for days when humidity is less than ideal.

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