People are going bananas for this bun. 

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated February 22, 2017
Hero Images/Getty Images

Good news: messy, imperfect, undone hair is in. So stop trying to perfect your ‘do and take a hint from the Parisians, who most frequently search the terms “messy” and “easy” while browsing Pinterest for hairstyles. Of all the styles to meet those requirements, one reigns supreme: the “banana bun.”

Though it may sound a little bizarre, the style is neither quirky nor difficult to pull off. The simple and chic hairdo looks like a side chignon—and the more loose and whimsical it is, the better. Anyone with a hair length at or below the shoulders can pull of the look, though those with extremely long or thick hair may have some difficulty rolling and securing strands.

To add a touch of glam for a date night or event, add a few hair jewels like Regal Rose Engraved Hair Charm Set ($20, or fresh little flowers in the spring or summer.

Here’s how to do it:

If your hair is extra clean or slippery, spritz on some texturizing spray before rolling. This gives hair some extra grip, which will help strands stay in place. To give hair even more texture, use a curling iron before styling.

  1. Create a deep side part (either side of your head works), then pull the length of your hair to the opposite side you parted it on.
  2. Starting at the ends, roll hair all the way up. Direct the roll so that it angles slightly down toward your face, then pin into place with bobby pins.